Seekers of Adoulin Mission 4-6

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Balamor's Ruse
Series None
Starting NPC N/A
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Mission Orders: Ygnas was correct, and the evil clown was hiding in that tomb. A true enigma, Balamor has hidden statue segments in the monsters that roam the waterways and implores you to find them.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Arciela's Resolve The Charlatan
20k Bayld for repeating


  • Kill enemies in Rala Waterways until you acquire a Consummate simulacrum Key Item.
    • The drop rate seems to be higher from the Waterway Pugils and New Moon Bats. (Efts and Diremites near the Augural Conveyor didn't drop after farming for about 15+ minutes, but New Moon Bats near the East Adoulin entrance dropped on the first kill on one occasion, and on the second on another) Verification Needed
    • The Consummate simulacrum will appear in your Temporary Key Items after any Wildskeeper Reive entry items but before any entry items for the high tier (Ark Angels etc.,) mission battlefields. You will also receive a message in your chat log but it is easily missed if you are not paying attention.
  • After acquiring the Consummate simulacrum, head to the Augural Conveyor at B-6 in Rala Waterways. This is near the zone from the Western Adoulin waterfront at (F-5).
    • Unlike other mission battles, there is no initial cutscene; choosing "The Charlatan" will immediately take you into the battle.
  • This battle is against Balamor and three Dullahan.
    • Only the leader of the party loses their Consummate simulacrum upon entry. If you fail, only the leader has to go get another KI.
    • Arciela aids you in this fight. She can hold her own quite well, but the battle will be lost if she falls.
    • Trust Magic can be summoned inside.
    • All of Balamor's regular attacks seem to be Area of Effect.
    • Only Balamor needs to be defeated to end the fight.
  • Upon successfully completing this mission, you do not need another KI to re-enter the battlefield.

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