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Job Ability Information
Job Ranger
Type Level  
Level Obtained 30
Description Fires multiple shots at once.
Duration Next attack or 00:00:30, whichever first.
Recast 00:05:00
Cumulative Enmity 1 Volatile Enmity 600
Command /ja "Barrage" <me>


  • Unlike multi-hit weapon skills, Barrage will not fire the next shot once the current hit misses the target; Hence, it requires more accuracy to hit the same number of hit compared to similar multi-hit weapon skills
  • Barrage can fire up to 4 shots at level 30, 5 shots at level 50, 6 shots at level 75, 7 shots at level 90, and 8 shots with the 550 Gift.
    • As of the May 10, 2011 Version Update, "the accuracy calculation will be eased with the maximum number of shots."
    • Total number of shots firable by Barrage is currently 12 (level 99 [7], 550 gift [1], ASA Legs [1], Orion Bracers +1 [2], and Lionsquall/Phineus' Gun/Quelling Bolt [1]), but due to a lack of ilvl stats on ASA legs, using them in most situations isn't applicable on difficult content so in practice a RNG will fire a max of 11 shots on difficult content and non Afterglow Gastraphetes owners 10 shots.
  • Barrage does not work on Throwing weapons
  • Cannot be stacked with Unlimited Shot. Overwrites unlimited shot if used when unlimited shot is active.
  • Barrage is reported in the log as the sum of all fired shots, even if it passes the normal reported damage cap (99,999).
  • The hidden triple damage effect of Yoichinoyumi and Annihilator has a 13% chance to proc, if it procs it effects all hits of Barrage.
  • Gives full TP return for each hit, and also gives full TP as if each hit landed to the enemy it was used upon. Ammunition with additional on hit effects do not proc during barrage, so using high base damage ammunition is preferred.
    • Due to this, after a successful barrage monsters will often perform TP moves and it can in some situations lead to death so caution and communication are advisable in such situations.


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Hunter's Bracers Adds an extra shot to Barrage
Hunter's Bracers +1 Adds an extra shot to Barrage
Orion Bracers Add 2 extra shots to Barrage
Orion Bracers +1 Add 2 extra shots to Barrage
ASA Legs Adds an extra shot to Barrage
Gastraphetes Enhances Barrage accuracy +30 to +70
Quelling Bolt Adds an extra shot to Barrage
Phineus' Gun Adds an extra shot to Barrage
Lionsquall Adds an extra shot to Barrage
Nibiru Gun Enhances Barrage accuracy +20


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