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Barstone GUI.png Barspells increase Magic Evasion against specific elements or statuses. The resistance increased will depend on the spell, and they can typically be divided into two categories based on the kind of resistance they increase:

  • Bar-element Spells : These increase Magic Evasion against a specific element.
  • Bar-status Spells : These increase Magic Evasion against a specific status effect.

Only one spell from each category can be active at once. Status effects also often have an element, so pairing a Barspell of the appropriate element with the Barspell for the status effect you are trying to avoid will increase your Magic Evasion against that status even further. If you increase it enough, you should consistently Resist it. For instance:

Paralysis is Element: Ice-based. Barparalyzra and Barblizzara will both decrease the odds of it landing, and using both will have the maximum effect. Because one is Bar-status and the other is Bar-element, you can use both at the same time.

In addition to the two divisions above, the spells can be further divided into single target (Red Mage and Rune Fencer native) and AoE (White Mage native) versions. Despite White Mage possessing superior equipment options to enhance Barspells, single target Barspells will always overwrite AoE version regardless of potency. Apart from the targeting and potential enhancements, there is almost nothing different about these spells.

Bar-element Spells

Spell Element Resistance Single Target Area of Effect
Element: Water Element: Fire Barfire Barfira
Element: Fire Element: Ice Barblizzard Barblizzara
Element: Ice Element: Wind Baraero Baraera
Element: Wind Element: Earth Barstone Barstonra
Element: Earth Element: Thunder Barthunder Barthundra
Element: Thunder Element: Water Barwater Barwatera

Bar-status Spells

Spell Element Status Single Target Area of Effect
Element: Water Amnesia Baramnesia Baramnesra
Element: Water Plague Barvirus Barvira
Element: Fire Paralysis Barparalyze Barparalyzra
Element: Ice Silence Barsilence Barsilencera
Element: Wind Petrification Barpetrify Barpetra
Element: Thunder Poison Barpoison Barpoisonra
Element: Light Blind Barblind Barblindra
Element: Light Sleep Barsleep Barsleepra

Increasing Elemental Barspell Potency

Base Elemental Barspell potency depends only on Enhancing Magic Skill. The equations for it are:

Resistance = 40 + floor( Enhancing Magic Skill ÷ 5 )

Above 300 skill, this equation changes to

Resistance = 25 + floor( Enhancing Magic Skill ÷ 4 )

Elemental Barspell potency caps at a base of +150 or 500 Enhancing Magic Skill. WHM can increase this to up to +185 with merits and gear.

Elemental Barspell Duration is a static 8 minutes these days before any type of Enhancing Duration.

In addition to enhancing magic, Elemental Barspells can be enhanced through equipment. Please keep in mind that no one has ever shown Barstatus spells to be enhanced by equipment, so all the below equipment can be assumed to only work for elemental barspells and only for the element that matches the barspell.

Finally, Elemental Barspells can also be enhanced through White Mage Group 1 Merits. These merits add 2 Resistance and 2 Magic Defense Bonus to elemental Barspells per merit level for a maximum of 10 Resistance and 10 Magic Defense Bonus.

Equipment Enhancement
Cleric's Pantaloons Resistance +20
Cleric's Pantaloons +1 Resistance +22
Cleric's Pantaloons +2 Resistance +25
Shedir Seraweels Resistance +15
Blessed Briault Magic Defense Bonus +5
Blessed Briault +1 Magic Defense Bonus +5
Beneficus Magic Defense Bonus +5
Orison Bliaud +1 Afflatus Solace: Magic Defense Bonus +5
Orison Bliaud +2 Afflatus Solace: Magic Defense Bonus +10
Orison Attire +2 Set Occasionally Annuls +2~10%

Increasing Status Barspell Potency

Very little is known about Status Barspells, because their potency is not easily viewable like Elemental Barspells. Their potency likely depends on Enhancing magic, though the specific equation is unknown, and they use a different equation for duration:

Duration (seconds) = Enhancing Magic Skill × 2

The maximum duration is 8 minutes (480 seconds), which occurs at 240 Enhancing magic skill. Without Merits or Light Arts, this corresponds to level 77 for White Mage and level 72 for Red Mage.


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