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Bastok Markets

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Connected Zone Location Arrives at
Bastok Mines H-13 BastokMarkets.jpg F-5 BastokMines.jpg
South Gustaberg D-11 BastokMarkets.jpg J-7 South Gustaberg.jpg
Port Bastok G-3 BastokMarkets.jpg D-11 BastokPort.jpg
Metalworks H-7 BastokMarkets.jpg F-8 BastokMetalworks.jpg
Zone Image
Bastok Markets Fountain.jpg
Map Acquisition
Timeline Present
Continent Quon
Region Bastok
Zone Type City
Activities Fishing


Name Map Pos. Notes
A.M.A.N. Reclaimer 1 E-11 Gear exchange for points
Alert Gaze 1 H-7 Flavor Text
Anguysh 1 I-9 Flavor Text
Aquillina 1 K-9 A Flash in the Pan Quest
Arawn 1 J-10 Multiple Quests
Ardea 1 H-8 Flavor Text
Belizieg 1 E-8 Delivery Box NPC
Big Harvest 1 H-6 Flavor Text
Biggorf 1 H-10 The Bare Bones Quest
Brunhilde 1 F-10 Armor Vendor
Brygid 1 K-9 Multiple Quests
Carmelide 1 I-8 Item Vendor
Charging Chocobo 1 F-10 Armor Vendor
Ciqala 1 F-10 Weapons Merchant
Cleades 1 D-11 Mission NPC
Degenhard 1 I-10 Multiple Quests
Domhnall 1 K-9 Flavor Text
Ellard 1 H-8 Goldsmithing Guild Union Representative
Emrys 1 J-10 Flavor Text
Enu 1 G-9 Wish Upon a Star Quest
Ephemeral Moogle 1 H-8 Crystal Storage NPC
Epione 1 G-8 Flavor Text
Fatimah 1 H-8 Goldsmithing Advanced Synthesis Image Support
Foss 1 F-7 Buckets of Gold Quest
Galienne 1 G-8 VCS Chocobo NPC
Gwill 1 E-11 The Return of the Adventurer Quest
Harmodios 1 K-10 Scroll Vendor
Hildith 1 I-6 Mog House NPC
Horatius 1 I-9 Breaking Stones Quest
Hortense 1 K-10 Category:Scroll Vendor
Julio 1 M-9 Flavor Text
Karine 1 H-9 Map Vendor
Ken 1 E-10 Flavor Text
Khonzon 1 E-9 Delivery Box NPC
Lame Deer 1 H-10 Flavor Text
Lamepaue 1 I-8 Cutscene NPC
Lavinia 1 E-8 Flavor Text
Loulia 1 I-7 Mog House NPC
Malene 1 I-5 Multiple Quests
Marin 1 E-10 All by Myself Quest
Name Map Pos. Notes
Michea 1 F-10 Multiple Quests
Mjoll 1 E-11 Scroll Vendor
Nbu Latteh 1 J-9 Multiple Quests
Nudara 1 I-8 Flavor Text
Offa 1 F-10 Smoke on the Mountain Quest
Oggodett 1 I-9 Aragoneu Regional Vendor
Olwyn 1 E-11 Item Vendor
Parnika 1 K-10 Flavor Text
Pavel 1 E-11 Stamp Hunt Quest
Peritrage 1 F-10 Weapon Vendor
Rabid Wolf, I.M. 1 E-11 Gate Guard
Raghd 1 J-8 Item Vendor
Red Canyon 1 H-4 Flavor Text
Reet 1 G-8 Flavor Text
Reinberta 1 I-8 Goldsmithing Guild Master
Rock Jaw 1 E-8 Flavor Text
Rothais 1 L-8 Gourmet Quest
Salimah 1 L-8 Gourmet Quest
Samia 1 I-10 Flavor Text
Shamarhaan 1 F-9 Achieving True Power Quest
Sinon 1 H-9 Armor Storage
Somn-Paemn 1 H-9 Sarutabaruta Regional Vendor
Sororo 1 H-5 Scroll Vendor
Svana 1 H-10 Weather Forecast
Tancredi 1 H-6 Flavor Text
Tanguy 1 L-8 Flavor Text
Teerth 1 H-8 Goldsmithing Guild Vendor
Ulrike 1 H-8 Goldsmithing Synthesis Image Support
Umberto 1 L-10 Picture Perfect Quest
Visala 1 H-8 Goldsmithing Guild Vendor
Wulfnoth 1 H-8 Goldsmithing Synthesis Image Support
Yafafa 1 I-5 Kolshushu Category:Regional Vendor
Zacc 1 G-9 Wish Upon a Star Quest
Zaira 1 H-5 Scroll Vendor
Zhikkom 1 F-10 Weapon Vendor
Zon-Fobun 1 G-5 The Curse Collector Quest


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
1 A Flash in the Pan Aquillina K-9 Bastok Markets Fame + 100g
none Achieving True Power Shamarhaan F-9 Bastok Markets Puppetmaster Genkai Clear
2 All by Myself Marin E-10 Bastok Markets 1500g
2 Breaking Stones Horatius I-9 Bastok Markets 400 gil
1 Brygid, the Stylist Brygid K-9 Bastok Markets Gloves
1 Brygid the Stylist Returns Brygid K-9 Bastok Markets Varies
1 Buckets of Gold Foss F-7 Bastok Markets 300 gil
2 Father Figure Michea F-10 Bastok Markets 2200 gil
1 Gourmet Salimah L-8 Bastok Markets 100g - 350g
1 Mom, the Adventurer? Nbu Latteh J-9 Bastok Markets 100g or 200g
1 No Strings Attached Shamarhaan F-9 Bastok Markets Ability to become Puppetmaster
Windurst 3 Rock Racketeer Nanaa Mihgo Windurst Woods 2,100 gil
1 Stamp Hunt Arawn J-10 Bastok Markets Leather Gorget
1 The Bare Bones Degenhard I-10 Bastok Markets Map of the Dangruf Wadi
1 The Cold Light of Day Malene I-5 Bastok Markets 500 gil
4 The Curse Collector Zon-Fobun G-5 Bastok Markets Poison Cesti
1 The Elvaan Goldsmith Michea F-10 Bastok Markets 180 gil
3 The Return of the Adventurer Gwill E-11 Bastok Markets Cotton Headband
2 The Signpost Marks the Spot Nbu Latteh J-9 Bastok Markets Linen Robe
5 Wish Upon a Star Zacc G-9 Bastok Markets Cactus Stems x4
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.


Catch / Recommended Bait

Level Cap / Area

Moat Carp / Insect Ball 11 / Any
Copper Frog / Fly Lure 16 / Storage of Water
Tricolored Carp / Shrimp Lure 27 / Any
Giant Catfish / Minnow 31 / Any
Dark Bass / Worm Lure 33 / Any
Crayfish / Little Worm 7 / Waterway
Black Eel / Worm Lure 47 / Waterway
Gold Carp / Shrimp Lure 56 / Waterway
1 Gil / Any 0 / Any
100 Gil / Any 0 / Any
Rusty Bucket / Any 0 / Any
Rusty Leggings / Any 0 / Any
Rusty Subligar / Any 0 / Any
Copper Ring / Any 0 / Any

Historical Significance

Bastok Markets is the first point of entrance for any foreign travelers entering from the Gustaberg region. Known for its high walls, amazing craftsmanship and smithery, this gateway to the Republic of Bastok appears demure and minimalistic at first sight. Functional and practical architecture greets guests as they walk through the line of shops heading into the center of town. Surrounded by the Blackash River, one can only surmise that this section of the Republic was designed for fortification against enemy attacks.

Also known as the center of commerce for Bastok, the Markets is host to a variety of merchants, from armor to weaponry to trinkets. Standing at the fountain, overlooking the rest of Bastok Markets, a visitor will notice signs for the ever popular Goldsmithing Guild as well as Harmodio's Music, a must stop shop for all Bards. Bastok Markets acts as the central connecting point to every section of the Republic. You may only access the Metalworks (where the main government body is housed) from here.



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