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Starting Your CP Journey

So you want to master your job? Congratulations! The road to 2100 Job Points is a grueling one but the good news is the more CP you get, the faster it goes! The purpose of this guide is to:

  1. Inform on the best places to camp based on experience/gear
  2. Teach Others about different group make-ups

So you want to CP but you don't know how to begin? Typically your best bet is to join a party shouting for a particular job to cut your teeth in the first few times. The chart below lists not only the monsters you fight but the general physical accuracy you require to actually hit the mobs. If you join a group and they catch on to your misses, you may find yourself without a party very quickly.

The bad thing about shouts, however, is that people are always looking for 1 or 2 types of groups. Said groups are indeed the way to get the absolute fastest CP possible, but there are a multitude of different job combinations to make your CP party a success and good time. Here are a few examples of good party make-ups and hopefully will provide you some wiggle-room when forming your parties!

Forming Your Group

Ideal Tank Group Traditional Pet Burn Nuke Burn
GEO Support/Heals Healer Healer Healer
COR Support Support SMN/BST/PUP Support
The Ideal group speaks for itself. Get buffed, go ham. One of the support back up heals.

The Tank group is similar but gains the stability of a tank taking the hits. Makes for a less stressful group while losing some DPS.

The Traiditional group is something you should be familiar with. The DD skillchain for the nuker, and the healer and tank control the flow of mobs. Slowest CP but no ones going to die here and you dont need REMA dd's.

The Pet Burn is a niche group for those that want to throw summoners and beastmasters at everything. Its fun, but restrictive in jobs.

The Nuke burn basically entails 1 DD self-scing and the blm/rdm/sch's going ham with magic burst. A lot of fun.

You can modify the jobs here and do anything you want. Play it smart and accomodate in order to make the most of your time while not being exclusive!

CP Camps

Map Camps Req. Acc Notes
- Reisenjima # - Reisenjima should really be considered the "Starter" CP Zone. Yes, with the right group it can yield some serious CPs but more than likely you will find this zone most useful for soloing or small group AoE. It is very low maintenance and generally a good place to go if you only have a short time to CP and want to take advantage of RoE/bead farm.
Sihgatescpcamps.pngcenter link= Sih Gates 9 1148 Unless you are a magic heavy group, I would recommend Mandragoras as a last resort. Their counter can 1shot a DD and their aoe sleep can be a real pain. Leeches and Chapuli are the ideal camp here as leeches go down quickly. Do not attempt Chapuli without a healer as they do have a habit of using AoE TP moves. The Pugil camp is probably best reserved for those who can pull large groups and sleep chain.
Mohgatescpcamps.pngcenter link= Moh Gates 8 1148 Efts are the easiest mobs to camp due to very little problematic moves so this camp is recommended. Eruca can be handled easily as long as you can mitigate their fire moves. Raptors are quickest to take down, but are surrounded by Matamata which do massive AoE so you -absolutely- need a healer for this camp.
Dohgatescpcamps.pngcenter link= Dho Gates 15 1250 Dho Gates is perhaps the most overused camp right now. The abundance of crabs/pugils makes it a coveted zone. I do not recommend taking on the maklaws without a nuker and appropriate sc's. I personally dislike this zone specifically because it gets overcamped and is overall slower EXP because of it.
Wohgatescpcamps.pngcenter link= Woh Gates 10 1371 Toads are very very fast exp, however be ready to do roaming camps as the mobs are very spread out. The Velkk camps should be saved for the most advanced parties. Make sure you have over 1400 Accuracy if you do these camps and plan Skillchains/Magic Bursts accordingly. If you can manage it, it's great EXP.
Outerrakaznarcpcamps.pngcenter link= Outer Ra'Kaznar 2 1463 Remember my grandstanding about making fluid party make ups at the beginning? We gotta kinda throw that out the window in the next two zones. These zones yield the highest exp but the danger is elevated and the accuracy cap is greater. You really do need pretty solid party makeups to make this work. Here is a link on how to get to these camps.
- Inner Ra'Kaznar - 1,524 -

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