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Beast from the East

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Beast from the East
Required Fame Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Nichais, Southern San d'Oria (S)
Pack Wings of the Goddess
Title Wyrmsworn Protector
Repeatable No
Description The task of ascertaining what truths or falsehoods might lie behind the legend of the so-called Mountain's Eye has fallen to you. At the behest of studious Nichais, make haste to the wilds of Grauberg and find what secrets may await...
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
Shell Bug
2 of the following: Black Pearl, Chrysoberyl, Jadeite, Ametrine, Zircon, Goshenite, Sphene, Fluorite, Peridot, Garnet, Turquoise, Painite, Sunstone, Moonstone, Pearl.


  • Speak to Nichais at Southern San d'Oria (S) (L-7) for a cutscene.
    • Choose "Immensely, yes" to continue. Choosing "Not in the least, no" simply requires you to exit and begin the scene again.
  • Travel to Grauberg (S), find the Timeworn Altar at (F-11). Check it for a long cutscene.
  • Return to Nichais for a cutscene.
  • Obtain a Shell Bug from a Brass Quadav in present-era Vana'diel and trade it to Nichais for the fourth scene.
  • Return to the altar at Grauberg (S) (F-11) for the final cutscene and your award. Two random jewels of several kinds listed above.

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