Behemoth's Dominion

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Connected Zone Behemoth's Dominion Arrives at
Qufim Island M-9 Behemoth's Dominion-map.jpg D-5 Qufim Island-map.jpg
Zone Image
Behemoth's Dominion header.jpg
Map Acquisition Rusese (H-6)
Upper Jeuno
Timeline Present
Region Qufim
Zone Type Field


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
Tenshodo 6 Beat Around the Bushin Vola J-8 Lower Jeuno Black Belt
The Talekeeper's Gift Deidogg H-6 Bastok Mines Fighter's Lorica
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.


Mission Name Starting Zone Mission Type Expansion
Zilart Mission 5 Sacrificial Chamber NM Rise of the Zilart

Notorious Monsters

Name Level Position Spawn Condition Aggro Notable Drops
Behemoth 80 Timed spawn every 21-24 hours. True Sight
King Behemoth 85 3-7 day (usually, can be higher) lottery spawn from Behemoth, 21-24 hour respawn. True Sight

Normal Monsters

Name Family Job Min Level Max Level Detection A L Number Type App.
Lesser Gaylas Bats 40 42 Sound A
Greater Gayla Bat 42 44 Sound A
Demonic Weapon Evil Weapon WAR 45 46 Sound, Magic A
Demonic Weapon Evil Weapon RDM 45 46 Sound, Magic A
Lost Soul Skeleton WAR 45 47 Sound, HP A
Lost Soul Skeleton BLM 45 47 Sound, HP A
Master Coeurl Coeurl 45 50 Sight, Scent A
Bhuta Ghost 46 48 Sound, HP A
Light Elemental Elemental 48 50 Magic A
Thunder Elemental Elemental 48 50 Magic A
Legendary Weapon Evil Weapon 55 55 Sound, Magic A Mission
Ancient Weapon Evil Weapon 66 66 Sound, Magic A Mission
Doglix Muttsnout Goblin WHM ? ? Sight A L Quest
Moxnix Nightgoggle Goblin RNG ? ? Sight A L Quest
Picklix Longindex Goblin THF ? ? Sight A L Quest
Appearance Key

D = Dusk (18:00-6:00), N = Night (20:00 - 4:00), F = Fog, Fire-Icon.png Ice-Icon.png Wind-Icon.png Earth-Icon.png Lightning-Icon.png Water-Icon.png Light-Icon.png Dark-Icon.png = Corresponding weather pattern

Historical Significance

Home to the Behemoths of Vana'diel, this cavernous subterranean dwelling is buried deep inside Qufim Island. In addition to the Behemoths, scores of undead also roam around seeking to surprise unsuspecting adventurers.



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