Seekers of Adoulin Mission 2-7-1

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Behind the Sluices
Series Seekers of Adoulin
Starting NPC N/A
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Mission Orders: An antiquated sluice gate sits in the heart of the assassins' Rala Waterways lair. According to Arciela, you should be able to operate it once you have a waterway facility crank in your possession.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Predators and Prey The Leafkin Monarch
15k Bayld if you repeat the fight to help someone else.


  • Retrieve the Temporary Key Item: Waterway facility crank from the storage container at (H-6) in Rala Waterways.
    • Most easily accessed via Western Adoulin (K-8) from the Big Bridge waypoint
    • Those assisting with the fight after already completing it do not need a Waterway facility crank.
  • Return to the Sluice Gate (C-6) for a cutscene.
  • Click the Sluice Gate to enter the area behind the gate.
  • Click the Antiquated Sluice Gate to enter the battlefield: Behind the Sluices (Battle).
    • If you fail the fight you will have to run back to the storage container at (H-6) for another Waterway facility crank.

The Battle

  • You fight alongside Arciela!
    • Arciela will buff herself with Stoneskin, Protect V, and Shell V.
    • Arciela will engage the enemies on her own after a player readies their battle stance (takes weapons out), but will stay put until then.
    • Arciela can hold her own well, but will require healing.
  • You fight against four enemies.

The Keeper (SCH/BLM)

  • Recommended to fight last.

Mistdagger (NIN)

The Briars (Galka) (WAR)

The Briars (Elvaan) (RDM/BLM)

  • Casts -aga 3 black magic and spells like Slow II.
  • All four enemies run to a random target to perform weapon skills, regardless of hate.
    • This causes skillchains to happen on players so take care.
  • Alter Ego Trusts may be summoned in this fight.

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