Blade of Darkness

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Blade of Darkness
Required Fame Bastok Fame Level: NA
Level Restriction: Level 30
Starting NPC Gumbah - Bastok Mines (J-7)
Pack None
Title Dark Sider
Repeatable No
Description Zeid, the sole master of the way of the dark knight in Vana'diel, has been sighted in the Palborough Mines. If you seek him out, he may make you an apprentice...
Previous Quest Next Quest
None Simultaneously activated:
Ability to become a Dark Knight.


  • Speak with Gumbah. Then speak to him again for a cutscene that begins the quest.
  • Travel to Palborough Mines and go to the top floor.
  • Go to the boat docks (H-8) and take the boat back to Zeruhn Mines.
  • At the end of the cutscene, you will obtain the Chaosbringer greatsword.
  • You must now slay 100 monsters with the sword equipped in order to activate its potential.
  • This portion is easy if you have WAR or RUN leveled and Great Sword skilled.
  • If you do not have WAR leveled, you might as well level it up now!
  • If you do not have Great Sword skilled, proceed to the starter mobs outside of gate, they should die in one or two hits as well skill you up.
  • Do not use Weapon Skills for the kill shot, it won't count towards the 100 kills.
  • The only kills that count are normal kill hits from the sword.
  • The sword has a 'memory' of how many it has slain, so you do not need to worry about zoning out, logging out, etc. There is also no time limit.
  • You have to keep track of the number of kills yourself as there is no indicator on the sword. Or you could just go on a killing or farming rampage and before you know it, voila you have met the requirements.
  • Upon the completion of the mass slaying, proceed to Beadeaux. Zone in for a cutscene to complete the quest.

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