Blue Ribbon Blues

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Blue Ribbon Blues
Required Fame Windurst Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Kerutoto, Windurst Waters (J-8)
Pack None
Title Ghostie Buster
Repeatable No
Description The purple ribbon you received from the goods shop in Windurst Woods seems to have a spooky curse on it. Kerutoto suggests you search out the final resting place of its original owner in order to return it.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Water Way to Go Toraimarai Turmoil
Purple Ribbon


Note: To get a Purple Ribbon, you must first talk to Roberta in Windurst Woods (I-13).

  • Give the Purple Ribbon to Kerutoto (J-8) Windurst Waters (South area).
    • You will recieve 3,600 gil.
    • You must wait one earth minute before you talk to Kerutoto again.
  • Go to The Eldieme Necropolis from the (J-10) entrance in Batallia Downs. Book teleport will take you there.
  • Upon entering, go straight until you come to an intersection at (J-8) and take a left.
  • Follow the path west until you reach Titan's Gate at (G-8).
  • Go north through Titan's Gate and continue until you fall through a square of bones.
  • Go east to the Hume Bones at (M-10).
  • Trade the Purple Ribbon to Hume Bones at (M-10), which will spawn Lich C Magnus.
  • If you lost the Purple Ribbon, you must wait until next conquest tally to get it back.
  • Check the Hume Bones again after NM is defeated to receive Blue Ribbon.
  • Return Kerutoto to complete the quest.

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