Bonds of Mythril

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Bonds of Mythril
Required Fame Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Volker, Castle Zvahl Baileys (S)
Pack Wings of the Goddess
Title Temperer of Mythril
Repeatable No
Description Fighting alongside ghastly demons one moment, risking her life to defend you the next... What is Captain Klara's true connection to the armies of shadow? Return to the site of your confrontation, that long sought-after truths may at last be revealed!
Previous Quest Next Quest
The Truth Lies Hid None
Excelsis Ring


Castle Zvahl Keep (S) map 3
  • Zone into Castle Zvahl Baileys (S) from Castle Zvahl Keep (S) for a cutscene.
  • Examine the ??? in the south-west room (G-9) on the third map of Castle Zvahl Keep (S) (the map with the teleporters) for a cutscene.
  • Drop back down in the third map main room and kill all four imps. All four must be killed after the previous cutscene.
  • Examine the ??? again to spawn a NM called Gargouille Warden, defeat it and examine the ??? again to receive the Key ItemZvahl passkey.
    • Gargouille Warden is resistant to magical attacks, and has an en-stun effect on its melee hits.
    • You have to kill all four imps in the central room in order to spawn the Gargouille Warden.
  • Enter the Throne Room (S), and examine the Throne Room door for a cutscene.
  • Examine the Throne Room door again to enter the BC fight.
    • When you enter the BC, your initial opponent will be a humanoid who uses standard sword weaponskills:
      • In addition, your opponent will use the AoE weaponskills Temblor Blade with the additional effect of petrify and Darkling Blade which is damage, knockback, and additional effect of curse.
    • You will be joined in this part of the battle by Zeid. Should Zeid fall, the battle will be over.
    • After defeating your first opponent, you will have to defeat Marquis Amon.
      • Marquis Amon is a BLM Demon who uses a scythe. He has access to tier 3 AoE elemental magic.
      • Marquis Amon has a weaponskill that will draw everyone in, wipe shadows, and inflict Doom. The doom effect can be blocked by wearing the Sanctus Rosary from the previous mission. The doom effect can also be stunned.
  • Speak to Gentle Tiger in Bastok Markets (S)- (H-6) for a cutscene and your reward.

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