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Brigand's Chart (Quest)

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Brigand's Chart (Quest)
Required Fame
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Zaldon, Selbina (H-9)
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable Yes
Description After obtaining the Brigand's Chart from the stomach of a Bhefhel Marlin, head to the Khoonta Dunes, in the Buburimu Peninsula, to search for the hidden treasure.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Inside the Belly None
Brigand's Chart


  • You will need a Brigand's Chart to begin this quest.
  • When you are ready, trade the chart to the ??? at (G-9) in Buburimu Peninsula.
    • The next part of this quest is done solo.
    • Make sure to bring a fishing pole and bait.
  • As soon as you trade the chart your job will be restricted to level 20. An NPC will appear next to you.
  • You have three minutes to fish up a Penguin Ring dropped by the NPC.
  • While trying to fish up the ring, you might also fish up a Puffer Pugil or a chest.
    • Only one Puffer Pugil can be out at a time. If you don't kill it, no more will appear while fishing.
    • It is recommended you bring a friend with you to deal with the Pugil for you.
    • You can fish up multiple chests during this quest. You must open them before the three minutes are up or they are lost.
  • When the NPC mentions getting tired, you have only 10 seconds left before the three minutes are up.

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