Brygid the Stylist Returns

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Brygid the Stylist Returns
Required Fame Bastok Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Brygid - Bastok Markets K-9
Pack None
Title Bastok's Second Best Dressed
Repeatable Yes
Description Brygid, the "stylist extraordinaire," has given you more fashion advice, so it's time to go shopping.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Brygid the Stylist None
Level 52


  • Legs
  • When you return to her wearing both the requested pieces of armor, she will then ask you to choose your future reward out of the list below. (You can repeat this quest as many times as you want to get any piece of armor you desire) It is recommended that you go ahead and choose the body piece you want now, or you will have to keep the two pieces of armor and wear it for her again if you zone out after this step.
  • When you select the body armor you desire, she will require you to trade her a corresponding rare/ex Subligar which drops from Fomors in Phomiuna Aqueducts and Sacrarium.
  • The following is a listing of JSE types, subligar needed and what drops the subligar:

JSE Piece Wearable by Subligar Needed Dropped by
Aikido Gi MNK Aquarius Subligar Fomor Monk
Cerise Doublet BRD/RDM/BLU/PUP/RUN Libra Subligar Fomor Bard
Duende Cotehardie BLM/SMN/GEO Aries Subligar Fomor Black Mage
Gaudy Harness BRD/BST Ophiuchus Subligar Fomor Beastmaster
Glamor Jupon RDM/SCH Scorpius Subligar Fomor Red Mage
Gloom Breastplate DRK Sagittarius Subligar Fomor Dark Knight
Nimbus Doublet SMN/WHM Capricornus Subligar Fomor Summoner
Nokizaru Gi NIN Taurus Subligar Fomor Ninja
Parade Cuirass PLD/WAR Pisces Subligar Fomor Paladin
Rapparee Harness THF/DNC Gemini Subligar Fomor Thief
Shikaree Aketon RNG/COR Virgo Subligar Fomor Ranger
Shinimusha Hara-Ate SAM Cancer Subligar Fomor Samurai
Wyvern Mail DRG Leo Subligar Fomor Dragoon
  • Quest is completed when you have completed all the above steps.

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