CS Apollyon

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CS Apollyon
 Accessed From:  Dem/Mea Crag Dimensional Portal => Al'Taieu (Swirling Vortex at (D-6) and (K-6))
 Required to Access:
 Reward for Win:
Limbus Zone Overview
  • All mobs must be defeated in order to win this Limbus area.
  • Time limit is 20 minutes. Defeating each boss will give you a 5 minute time extension.
  • The chip traded becomes dim, therefore it cannot be used again. Similar to BCNM orbs.

Limbus Zone Notes
Floor Bosses
Mob Name Type Job
Carnagechief Jackbodokk Orc PLD
Na'Qba Chirurgeon Quadav WHM
Dee Wapa the Desolator Yagudo SMN
Normal mobs
Mob Name Type Job
Grognard Mesmerizer Orc BLM
Grognard Footsoldier Orc WAR
Grognard Predator Orc RNG
Grognard Neckchopper Orc DRK
Grognard Grappler Orc MNK
Grognard Impaler Orc DRG
Star Ruby Quadav Quadav RDM
Fossil Quadav Quadav WAR
Whitegold Quadav Quadav THF
Wootz Quadav Quadav DRK
Star Sapphire Quadav Quadav BLM
Lightsteel Quadav Quadav PLD
Yagudo Archpriest Yagudo WHM
Yagudo Disciplinant Yagudo MNK
Yagudo Kapellmeister Yagudo BRD
Yagudo Knight Templar Yagudo SAM
Yagudo Prelatess Yagudo BLM
Yagudo Eradicator Yagudo NIN
  • Pulling one type of mob will cause the others to link.
  • After a certain amount of time, another set of beastmen will aggro.
  • All mobs have their respective two-hours.
Limbus Area Map
Apollyon CS.jpg