Caster's Roll

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Job Ability Information
Job Corsair
Type Level  
Level Obtained 79 Item Required Caster's Die icon.png Caster's Die
Description Enhances "Fast Cast" effect for party members within area of effect. Lucky Number: 2. Unlucky Number: 7.
Recast See Phantom Roll
Cumulative Enmity 1 Volatile Enmity 80
Command /ja "Caster's Roll" <me>


Caster's Roll
Roll Total Delay Reduction
I 6%
II 15%
III 7%
IV 8%
V 9%
VI 10%
VII 5%
VIII 11%
IX 12%
X 13%
XI 20%
BUST -10%
Roll +1 3%
Modifier Navarch's Culottes +2
Bonus 10%


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Navarch's Culottes +1 Fast Cast effect +10%. 40% of the time.
Navarch's Culottes +2 Fast Cast effect +10%
Chasseur's Culottes Fast Cast effect +10%
Chasseur's Culottes +1 Fast Cast effect +10%


Phantom Rolls
Chasseur's Gants icon.png Allies'
Corsair Die icon.png Avenger's
Totemic Helm icon.png Beast
Chass. Tricorne icon.png Blitzer's
Corsair Die icon.png Bolter's
Chas. Culottes icon.png Caster's
Ignominy Burgeonet icon.png Chaos
Brioso Roundlet icon.png Choral
Corsair Die icon.png Companion's
Laksamana's Hat icon.png Corsair's
Chasseur's Bottes icon.png Courser's
Maxixi Tiara icon.png Dancer's
Vishap Armet icon.png Drachen
Convoker's Horn icon.png Evoker's
Pummeler's Mask icon.png Fighter's
Rev. Coronet icon.png Gallant's
Theophany Cap icon.png Healer's
Orion Beret icon.png Hunter's
Assim. Keffiyeh icon.png Magus's
Corsair Die icon.png Miser's
Anchorite's Crown icon.png Monk's
Geomancy Galero icon.png Naturalist's
Hachiya Hatsuburi icon.png Ninja's
Foire Taj icon.png Puppet
Pillager's Bonnet icon.png Rogue's
Runeist Bandeau icon.png Runeist's
Wakido Kabuto icon.png Samurai
Acad. Mortarboard icon.png Scholar's
Chasseur's Frac icon.png Tactician's
Atrophy Chapeau icon.png Warlock's
Spae. Petasos icon.png Wizard's

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