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Category:??? Item

From BG FFXI Wiki
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??? Items are rewards from Ancient Lockboxes in Assault or from Notorious Monster drops in Nyzul Isle Investigation.

They can be appraised at Memeroon in Nashmau (G-8) or Drahbah in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (F-6) for 500 gil, or Chochoroon in Al Zahbi (G-10) for 50 gil. There is no known difference between the appraisers, and Chochoroon seems to be cheapest simply because he can be captured. The lower price is one of the benefits from keeping the Astral Candescence and Al Zahbi NPCs.

Item Appraises into Item Appraises into
??? Sword icon.png ??? Sword
??? Dagger icon.png ??? Dagger
 Great Sword  Katana
 Great Katana  Hand-to-Hand
??? Polearm icon.png ??? Polearm
??? Axe icon.png ??? Axe
 Scythe  Great Axe
??? Bow icon.png ??? Bow
 Club  Crossbow
??? Shield icon.png ??? Shield
??? Gloves icon.png ??? Gloves
 Hand armor of any kind
??? Footwear icon.png ??? Footwear
 Footwear of any kind
??? Headpiece icon.png ??? Headpiece
 Headwear of any kind
??? Earring icon.png ??? Earring
??? Ring icon.png ??? Ring
??? Cape icon.png ??? Cape
 Any kind of Back equipment
??? Sash icon.png ??? Sash
 Any kind of Waist equipment
??? Necklace icon.png ??? Necklace
 Any neckwear
??? Box icon.png ??? Box
 All other items, including:
??? Ingot icon.png ??? Ingot
 Currently unused  Legwear
??? Potion icon.png ??? Potion
 Currently unused  ToAU Beastman items
??? Cloth icon.png ??? Cloth
 Currently unused  Assorted crafting materials

Monthly Adventurer Campaigns

There is one type of campaign that may run any given month.

Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Mysterious Item Campaign

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