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Absorb GUI.png Dark Knights have access to a variety of job-specific Absorb spells that allow them to steal certain enemy attributes for their own benefit. They break into three types:

Absorb-STAT spells

Absorb-STAT spells
Absorb-STR Absorb-DEX Absorb-VIT
Absorb-INT Absorb-MND Absorb-CHR
Absorb-AGI Absorb-ACC

These spells directly take a target`s base stat, inflicting a penalty on the target and giving a bonus to the caster. These spells are somewhat unique in that they depend on the main job level of a player (regardless of the job) even when Dark Knight is set as sub job. The formula is as follows:

Base Absorbed = Floor(3 + (Job Level÷5))

This can be further enhanced with equipment and Nether Void. Equipment bonuses add together and are multiplied in a single step, which is then floored and multiplied again by the Nether Void bonus.

Total Absorbed = floor( floor( Base Absorbed×Σ(Equipment Bonuses) )×Nether Void )

It is worth noting that the potency of these spells is not enhanced by Dark Magic Skill. Their accuracy is enhanced by it, and Resisted Absorb spells will be given half duration or have no effect (two-state spells). As of the March 2015 Version Update, the effects of Absorb spells no longer decay over their duration.


Modified by equipment
Equipment Enhancement
Pavor Gauntlets Potency+10%
Liberator (Level 75) Potency+10%
Liberator (Level 80) Potency+20%
Liberator (Level 85) Potency+30%
Liberator (Level 90)/(95) Potency+40%
Liberator (Level 99)/(99 II) Potency+50%
Liberator (Level 119)/(119 II) Potency+50%
Chuparrosa Mantle Potency+10%, Duration +20 seconds
Void Scythe Duration +9 seconds
Black/Onyx Sallet Duration +10 seconds
Black/Onyx Gadlings Duration +10 seconds
Black/Onyx Cuisses Duration +10 seconds
Black/Onyx Sollerets Duration +10 seconds
Vicious Mufflers Duration +10 seconds
Ankou's Mantle Duration +10 seconds
Mekosuchus Blade Potency +10%
Shukuyu's Scythe Potency +13%


Unlike the above Absorb spells, this one is more reminiscent of Drain/Aspir Spells in that its actions are immediate. The enemy loses TP, and you gain TP. After several nerfs, it seems this spell now caps at stealing 30~40% of the monster's TP. It is unknown exactly what Bale Gauntlets +1/2 do to Absorb-TP, but it is generally agreed they increase the TP it can steal and are worth using. It is unknown whether this spell is dependent on Dark Magic Skill.


Modified by equipment
Equipment Enhancement
Bale Gauntlets +1 Question
Bale Gauntlets +2 Question


This spell functions like Aura Steal or Voracious Trunk. It takes an enhancement from the target (sometimes a buff that you can't normally dispel) and transfers it to the caster. When stacked with Nether Void it is capable of taking two enhancements instead of one.


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