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Category:Artifact Quests

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Were you looking for Artifact Armor?

On this category page please find listings of all Artifact Armor quests sorted by their respective jobs.


Level Item Quest/Coffer
40 Razor Axe Quest: The Doorman
52 Fighter's Calligae Quest: The Talekeeper's Truth
54 Fighter's Mufflers Quest: Borghertz's Warring Hands
56 Fighter's Mask Coffer: Crawlers' Nest
58 Fighter's Cuisses Coffer: Castle Zvahl Baileys
60 Fighter's Lorica Quest: The Talekeeper's Gift


Level Item Quest/Coffer
42 Beat Cesti Quest: Ghosts of the Past
52 Temple Gaiters Quest: The First Meeting
54 Temple Gloves Quest: Borghertz's Striking Hands
56 Temple Crown Coffer: Garlaige Citadel
58 Temple Cyclas Coffer: Beadeaux
60 Temple Hose Quest: True Strength

White Mage

Level Item Quest/Coffer
41 Blessed Hammer Quest: Messenger From Beyond
52 Healer's Duckbills Quest: Prelude of Black and White
54 Healer's Cap Coffer: Garlaige Citadel
56 Healer's Pantaloons Coffer: Crawler's Nest
58 Healer's Briault Quest: Pieuje's Decision
60 Healer's Mitts Quest: Borghertz's Healing Hands

Black Mage

Level Item Quest/Coffer
40 Casting Wand Quest: The Three Magi
52 Wizard's Sabots Quest: Recollections
54 Wizard's Gloves Quest: Borghertz's Sorcerous Hands
56 Wizard's Tonban Coffer: The Eldieme Necropolis
58 Wizard's Coat Coffer: Monastic Cavern
60 Wizard's Petasos Quest: The Root of the Problem

Red Mage

Level Item Quest/Coffer
41 Fencing Degen Quest: The Crimson Trial
52 Warlock's Boots Quest: Enveloped in Darkness
54 Warlock's Gloves Quest: Borghertz's Vermillion Hands
56 Warlock's Tights Coffer: Garlaige Citadel
58 Warlock's Tabard Coffer: Castle Oztroja
60 Warlock's Chapeau Quest: Peace for the Spirit


Level Item Quest/Coffer
40 Marauder's Knife Quest:The Tenshodo Showdown
52 Rogue's Armlets Quest:Borghertz's Sneaky Hands
54 Rogue's Bonnet Quest:As Thick as Thieves
56 Rogue's Culotte Coffer:Castle Oztroja
58 Rogue's Vest Coffer:Castle Zvahl Baileys
60 Rogue's Poulaines Quest:Hitting the Marquisate


Level Item Quest/Coffer
42 Honor Sword Quest: Sharpening the Sword
52 Gallant Leggings Quest: A Boy's Dream
54 Gallant Gauntlets Quest: Borghertz's Stalwart Hands
56 Gallant Coronet Coffer: Garlaige Citadel
58 Gallant Breeches Coffer: Beadeaux
60 Gallant Surcoat Quest: Under Oath

Dark Knight

Level Item Quest/Coffer
40 Raven Scythe Quest: Dark Legacy
52 Chaos Sollerets Quest: Dark Puppet
54 Chaos Gauntlets Quest: Borghertz's Shadowy Hands
56 Chaos Flanchard Coffer: Monastic Cavern
58 Chaos Cuirass Coffer: Castle Oztroja
60 Chaos Burgeonet Quest: Blade of Evil


Level Item Quest/Coffer
40 Barbaroi Axe Quest: Wings of Gold
52 Beast Gaiters Quest: Scattered Into Shadow
54 Beast Gloves Quest: Borghertz's Wild Hands
56 Beast Helm Coffer: Garlaige Citadel
58 Beast Jackcoat Coffer: Beadeaux
60 Beast Trousers Quest: A New Dawn


Level Item Quest/Coffer
40 Paper Knife Quest: Painful Memory
52 Choral Slippers Quest: The Requiem
54 Choral Roundlet Coffer: Crawlers' Nest
56 Choral Cannions Coffer: Castle Oztroja
58 Choral Jstcorps Quest: The Circle of Time
60 Choral Cuffs Quest: Borghertz's Harmonious Hands


Level Item Quest/Coffer
40 Sniping Bow Quest: Sin Hunting
52 Hunter's Bracers Quest: Borghertz's Chasing Hands
54 Hunter's Beret Quest: Fire and Brimstone
56 Hunter's Braccae Coffer: Crawlers' Nest
58 Hunter's Jerkin Coffer: Monastic Cavern
60 Hunter's Socks Quest: Unbridled Passion


Level Item Quest/Coffer
40 Anju & Zushio Quest: 20 in Pirate Years
52 Ninja Hakama Quest: I'll Take the Big Box
54 Ninja Kyahan Coffer: Sea Serpent Grotto
56 Ninja Hatsuburi Coffer: The Boyahda Tree
58 Ninja Chainmail Quest: True Will
60 Ninja Tekko Quest: Borghertz's Lurking Hands


Level Item Quest/Coffer
42 Magoroku Quest: The Sacred Katana
52 Myochin Sune-Ate Quest: Yomi Okuri
54 Myochin Haidate Coffer: Quicksand Caves
56 Myochin Kote Quest: Borghertz's Loyal Hands
58 Myochin Domaru Coffer: Temple of Uggalepih
60 Myochin Kabuto Quest: A Thief In Norg?!


Level Item Quest/Coffer
42 Peregrine Quest: A Craftsman's Work
52 Drachen Brais Quest: Chasing Quotas
54 Drachen Greaves Coffer: Quicksand Caves
56 Drachen Finger Gauntlets Quest: Borghertz's Dragon Hands
58 Drachen Mail Coffer: Ifrit's Cauldron
60 Drachen Armet Quest: Knight Stalker


Level Item Quest/Coffer
41 Kukulcan's Staff Quest: The Puppet Master
52 Evoker's Spats Quest: Class Reunion
54 Evoker's Bracers Quest: Borghertz's Calling Hands
56 Evoker's Pigaches Coffer: Toraimarai Canal
58 Evoker's Doublet Coffer: Temple of Uggalepih
60 Evoker's Horn Quest: Carbuncle Debacle

Blue Mage

Level Item Quest/Coffer
40 Immortal's Scimitar Quest: Beginnings
52 Magus Charuqs Quest: Omens
54 Magus Shalwar Trade: Lathuya
56 Magus Bazubands Trade: Lathuya
58 Magus Jubbah Trade: Lathuya
60 Magus Keffiyeh Quest: Transformations


Level Item Quest/Coffer
40 Trump Gun Quest: Equipped for All Occasions
52 Corsair's Culotte Quest: Navigating the Unfriendly Seas
54 Corsair's Gants Trade: Leleroon
56 Corsair's Bottes Trade: Leleroon
58 Corsair's Frac Trade: Leleroon
60 Corsair's Tricorne Quest: Against All Odds


Level Item Quest/Coffer
40 Turbo Animator Quest: The Wayward Automaton
52 Puppetry Churidars Quest: Operation Teatime
54 Puppetry Babouches Trade: Dhima Polevhia
56 Puppetry Dastanas Trade: Dhima Polevhia
58 Puppetry Tobe Trade: Dhima Polevhia
60 Puppetry Taj Quest: Puppetmaster Blues


Level Item Quest/Coffer
40 War Hoop Quest: The Unfinished Waltz
52 Dancer's Bangles

(Male or Female, depending on your character's gender)

Trade: Matthias
54 Dancer's Tiara

(Male or Female, depending on your character's gender)

Trade: Matthias
56 Dancer's Toe Shoes

(Male or Female, depending on your character's gender)

Trade: Matthias
58 Dancer's Tights

(Male or Female, depending on your character's gender)

Quest: The Road to Divadom
60 Dancer's Casaque

(Male or Female, depending on your character's gender)

Quest: Comeback Queen


Level Item Quest/Coffer
46 Klimaform (Scroll) Quest: On Sabbatical
52 Scholar's Bracers Quest: Downward Helix
54 Scholar's Loafers Trade: Loussaire
56 Scholar's Pants Trade: Loussaire
58 Scholar's Gown Trade: Loussaire
60 Scholar's Mortarboard Quest: Seeing Blood-red


Level Item Quest/Coffer
99 Dowser's Wand, Dowser's Wand Quest: For Whom the Bell Tolls
99 Geomancy Mitaines Quest: The Bloodline of Zacariah
99 Geomancy Tunic Trade: Wescolina
99 Geomancy Galero Trade: Wescolina
99 Geomancy Sandals Trade: Wescolina
99 Geomancy Pants Quest: The Communion

Rune Fencer

Level Item Quest/Coffer
99 Beorc Sword Quest: Forging New Bonds
99 Runeist Trousers Quest: Legacies Lost and Found
99 Runeist Bottes Trade: Tomato Vantage Point
99 Runeist Mitons Trade: Tomato Vantage Point
99 Runeist Bandeau Trade: Tomato Vantage Point
99 Runeist Coat Quest: Destiny's Device

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