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Category:Bastok Quests

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These are quests listed under the "Bastok" section of the FFXI quest log. Simply click on the arrow >< icons in each row to automatically sort that row by its relevant information.

Note that many Bastok quests can only be started after meeting the required Bastok fame level. There are nine levels of Bastok fame, and your fame can be checked at the NPC Flaco in Port Bastok at (E-6).

Quest List

Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
1 The Siren's Tear Wahid I-8 Bastok Mines 150 gil
1 Beauty and the Galka Talib F-6 Port Bastok Bronze Knife
1 Welcome to Bastok Powhatan E-6 Port Bastok Shell Shield
3 Guest of Hauteur Powhatan E-6 Port Bastok Targe
1 The Quadav's Curse Corann E-6 Port Bastok Bronze Subligar
2 Out of One's Shell Ronan K-6 Port Bastok Monk's Headgear
1 Hearts of Mythril Elki H-5 Bastok Mines Sitabaki
3 The Eleventh's Hour Elki H-5 Bastok Mines Small Sword
1 Shady Business Talib F-6 Port Bastok 350 gil
1 A Foreman's Best Friend Gudav H-5 Port Bastok Map of the Gusgen Mines
2 Breaking Stones Horatius I-9 Bastok Markets 400 gil
1 The Cold Light of Day Malene I-5 Bastok Markets 500 gil
1 Gourmet Salimah L-8 Bastok Markets 100/200/350 gil
1 The Elvaan Goldsmith Michea F-10 Bastok Markets 180 gil
1 A Flash in the Pan Aquillina K-9 Bastok Markets 100 gil
Smoke on the Mountain [[]] Bastok
1 Stamp Hunt Arawn J-10 Bastok Markets Leather Gorget
Forever to Hold [[]] Bastok
Till Death Do Us Part [[]] Bastok
Fallen Comrades [[]] Bastok
Rivals [[]] Bastok
1 Mom, the Adventurer? Nbu Latteh J-9 Bastok Markets 100 or 200 gil
2 The Signpost Marks the Spot Nbu Latteh J-9 Bastok Markets Linen Robe
Past Perfect [[]] Bastok
Stardust [[]] Bastok
Mean Machine [[]] Bastok
Cid's Secret [[]] Bastok
The Usual [[]] Bastok
Blade of Darkness [[]] Bastok
2 Father Figure Michea F-10 Bastok Markets 2,200 gil
3 The Return of the Adventurer Gwill E-11 Bastok Markets Cotton Headband
Drachenfall [[]] Bastok
Vengeful Wrath [[]] Bastok
Beadeaux Smog [[]] Bastok
4 The Curse Collector Zon-Fobun G-5 Bastok Markets Poison Cesti
Fear of Flying [[]] Bastok
The Wisdom of Elders [[]] Bastok
Groceries [[]] Bastok
1 The Bare Bones Degenhard I-10 Bastok Markets Map of the Dangruf Wadi
Minesweeper [[]] Bastok
The Darksmith [[]] Bastok
1 Buckets of Gold Foss F-7 Bastok Markets 300 gil
The Stars of Ifrit [[]] Bastok
Love and Ice [[]] Bastok
1 Brygid the Stylist Brygid K-9 Bastok Markets Gloves
The Gustaberg Tour [[]] Bastok
Bite the Dust [[]] Bastok
Blade of Death [[]] Bastok
Silence of the Rams [[]] Bastok
Altana's Sorrow [[]] Bastok
A Lady's Heart [[]] Bastok
Ghosts of the Past [[]] Bastok
The First Meeting [[]] Bastok
True Strength [[]] Bastok
The Doorman [[]] Bastok
The Talekeeper's Truth [[]] Bastok
The Talekeeper's Gift [[]] Bastok
Dark Legacy [[]] Bastok
Dark Puppet [[]] Bastok
Blade of Evil [[]] Bastok
Ayame and Kaede [[]] Bastok
A Test of True Love [[]] Bastok
Lovers in the Dusk [[]] Bastok
5 Wish Upon a Star Zacc G-9 Bastok Markets 4 Cactus Stems
Eco-Warrior [[]] Bastok
The Weight of Your Limits [[]] Bastok
Shoot First, Ask Questions Later [[]] Bastok
Inheritance [[]] Bastok
The Walls of Your Mind [[]] Bastok
Escort for Hire (Bastok) [[]] Bastok
A Discerning Eye (Bastok) [[]] Bastok
Faded Promises [[]] Bastok
1 Brygid the Stylist Returns Brygid K-9 Bastok Markets See quest page
Out of the Depths [[]] Bastok
A Question of Faith [[]] Bastok
Return to the Depths [[]] Bastok
Teak Me to the Stars [[]] Bastok
Hyper Active [[]] Bastok
The Naming Game [[]] Bastok
2 All by Myself Marin E-10 Bastok Markets 1,500 gil
Chips [[]] Bastok
Bait and Switch [[]] Bastok
Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok) [[]] Bastok
NA Achieving True Power Shamarhaan F-9 Bastok Markets Level cap increase to 75
Too Many Chefs [[]] Bastok
1 A Proper Burial Offa F-10 Bastok Markets Rolanberry / Withered Berry
Fully Mental Alchemist [[]] Bastok
Synergistic Pursuits [[]] Bastok
The Wondrous Whatchamacallit [[]] Bastok
Synergistic Support [[]] Bastok
Trial-Size Trial by Earth [[]] Bastok
Trial by Earth [[]] Bastok
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.


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