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Battlefields are fights against special notorious monsters unique to that area. Most battlefields have several copies allowing more than one group of people to use the battlefield, however, it is still limited. There are many types of battlefields that all can be entered in different ways. Usually, being successful rewards you in someway. This can include items and gil from a chest or the notorious monster(s), experience points, and mission or quest progress.

The most common type of Battlefield is probably the Burning Circle Notorious Monster (BCNM) fight, presumably named after the entrance areas, which is a 3~18 person fight in a special arena designed specifically for that purpose. This classification has grown to encompass BSNMs, KSNMs, KCNMs, and HKCNMs. These fights can be entered using special orbs, which are obtained from Shami in exchange for Beastmen's Seals, Kindred's Seals, Kindred's Crests, and High Kindred's Crests, respectively. BSNMs are level capped, but the other forms of fight are not.

Another type of Battlefield is the ENM. ENMs were introduced with the Chains of Promathia expansion, and take place in the related zones. They are similar to BCNMs in their format except a key item (listed on the page, and typically obtained from some kind of mini-quest) is used instead of an orb, and that mini-quest can be repeated 5 game days from the time the key item is consumed. The same mini-quest is often used for multiple fights in the same area, so choosing to do one ENM may mean that you cannot do others until you can do the mini-quest again. ENMs can also be level capped like Category:BSNMs, but unlike any kind of BCNM, they reward players with Experience Points.

A quick summary of ISNM mechanics goes here. A link to the ISNM subsection goes here.

A quick summary of special battlefields goes here. A link to the special battlefields subsection goes here.

For locations of Battlefields, see: Battlefield Locations.


Cloudy Orb (Level 20)

Zone Name Members
Balga's Dais Charming Trio 3
Waughroon Shrine Crustacean Conundrum 3
Horlais Peak Shooting Fish 3
Ghelsba Outpost Wings of Fury 3

Sky Orb (Level 30)

Zone Name Members
Waughroon Shrine Birds of a Feather 3
Horlais Peak Carapace Combatants 3
Balga's Dais Creeping Doom 3
Qu'Bia Arena Die by the Sword 3
Ghelsba Outpost Petrifying Pair 3
Horlais Peak Dropping Like Flies 6
Waughroon Shrine Grove Guardians 6
Balga's Dais Harem Scarem 6
Qu'Bia Arena Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 6
Ghelsba Outpost Toadall Recall 6

Star Orb (Level 40)

Zone Name Members
Horlais Peak Under Observation 3
Qu'Bia Arena Undying Promise 3
Waughroon Shrine Royal Jelly 3
Balga's Dais Royal Succession 3
Qu'Bia Arena Factory Rejects 6
Balga's Dais Steamed Sprouts 6
Horlais Peak Tails of Woe 6
Waughroon Shrine The Worm's Turn 6

Comet Orb (Level 50)

Zone Name Members
Qu'Bia Arena An Awful Autopsy 3
Horlais Peak Eye of the Tiger 3
Balga's Dais Rapid Raptors 3
Waughroon Shrine The Final Bout 3
Horlais Peak Hostile Herbivores 6
Waughroon Shrine 3, 2, 1... 6
Qu'Bia Arena Idol Thoughts 6
Balga's Dais Treasure and Tribulations 6

Moon Orb (Level 60)

Zone Name Members
Qu'Bia Arena Celery 3
Horlais Peak Shots in the Dark 3
Waughroon Shrine Up in Arms 3
Balga's Dais Wild Wild Wiskers 3
Sacrificial Chamber Amphibian Assault 6
Qu'Bia Arena Brothers D'Aurphe 6
Qu'Bia Arena Demolition Squad 6
Horlais Peak Dismemberment Brigade 6
Balga's Dais Divine Punishers 6
Waughroon Shrine Grimshell Shocktroopers 6
Sacrificial Chamber Jungle Boogeymen 6
Throne Room Kindred Spirits 6
Chamber of Oracles Legion XI Comitatensis 6


Atropos Orb

Zone Name Members
Horlais Peak Contaminated Colosseum 6
Qu'Bia Arena Infernal Swarm 6
Balga's Dais Moa Constrictors 6
Waughroon Shrine Prehistoric Pigeons 6
Chamber of Oracles The Scarlet King 6

Clotho Orb

Zone Name Members
Chamber of Oracles Cactuar Suave 6
Qu'Bia Arena Come Into My Parlor 6
Waughroon Shrine Copycat 6
Horlais Peak Double Dragonian 6
Balga's Dais Seasons Greetings 6

Lachesis Orb

Zone Name Members
Qu'Bia Arena E-vase-ive Action 6
Chamber of Oracles Eye of the Storm 6
Waughroon Shrine Operation Desert Swarm 6
Balga's Dais Royale Ramble 6
Horlais Peak Today's Horoscope 6

Themis Orb

Zone Name Members
Balga's Dais Early Bird Catches the Wyrm 18
Horlais Peak Horns of War 18
Waughroon Shrine The Hills Are Alive 18


Phobos Orb

Zone Name Members
Horlais Peak Kindergarten Cap 3
Waughroon Shrine The Palborough Project 3
Balga's Dais The V Formation 3
Spire of Holla Empty Hopes 6
Spire of Dem Empty Dreams 6
Spire of Mea Empty Desires 6

Deimos Orb

Zone Name Members
Horlais Peak Last Orc-Shunned Hero 6
Waughroon Shrine Shell Shocked 6
Balga's Dais Avian Apostates 6
Chamber of Oracles Dragon Scales 6
Sacrificial Chamber Whom Wilt Thou Call 6
Spire of Vahzl Empty Aspirations 6


Zelos Orb

Zone Name Members
Boneyard Gully Antagonistic Ambuscade 6
Bearclaw Pinnacle Taurassic Park 6

Bia Orb

Zone Name Members
Mine Shaft #2716 The Mobline Comedy 6
Monarch Linn Nest of Nightmares 6


Microcosmic Orb

Zone Name Members
Horlais Peak ★Tails of Woe 6
Waughroon Shrine ★The Worm's Turn 6
Balga's Dais ★Steamed Sprouts 6
Qu'Bia Arena ★Factory Rejects 6

Macrocosmic Orb

Zone Name Members
Qu'Bia Arena ★Demolition Squad

★Brothers D'Aurphe

Chamber of Oracles ★Legion XI Comitatensis 6
Waughroon Shrine ★Grimshell Shocktroopers 6
Balga's Dais ★Divine Punishers 6
Horlais Peak ★Dismemberment Brigade 6
Sacrificial Chamber ★Amphibian Assault

★Jungle Boogymen

Throne Room ★Kindred Spirits 6


Level 30 Cap

Zone Name Members
Spire of Dem You Are What You Eat 6
Spire of Holla Simulant 6
Spire of Mea Playing Host 6

Level 40 Cap

Zone Name Members
Monarch Linn Fire in the Sky 3
Monarch Linn Bad Seed 6
The Shrouded Maw Test Your Mite 6

Level 50 Cap

Zone Name Members
Monarch Linn Bugard in the Clouds 3
Monarch Linn Beloved of the Atlantes 6
Spire of Vahzl Pulling the Plug 6

Level 60 Cap

Zone Name Members
Mine Shaft #2716 Pulling the Strings 1
Mine Shaft #2716 Automaton Assault 3

Level 75 Cap

Zone Name Members
Boneyard Gully Like the Wind 3
Bearclaw Pinnacle When Hell Freezes Over 6
Boneyard Gully Sheep in Antlion's Clothing 6
Bearclaw Pinnacle Brothers 6
Bearclaw Pinnacle Follow the White Rabbit 6
Bearclaw Pinnacle Holy Cow 6
Mine Shaft #2716 Bionic Bug 6
Boneyard Gully Shell We Dance? 12
Boneyard Gully Totentanz 18


Confidential Imperial order (Level 60)

Zone Name Members
Talacca Cove Call to Arms 6
Navukgo Execution Chamber Tough Nut to Crack 6
Jade Sepulcher Making a Mockery 6

Secret Imperial order (Uncapped)

Zone Name Members
Talacca Cove Compliments to the Chef 6
Navukgo Execution Chamber Happy Caster 6
Jade Sepulcher Shadows of the Mind 6


Cloud Evoker

Zone Name Members
Riverne - Site A01 Ouryu Cometh 18

Monarch's Orb

Zone Name Members
Riverne - Site B01 The Wyrmking Descends 18

Cordial Invite

Zone Name Members
Stellar Fulcrum Heroes Combat 6

Martial Ball Invite

Zone Name Members
Stellar Fulcrum Heroines Combat 6

Mercenary Camp Entry Slip

Zone Name Members
Stellar Fulcrum Mercenary Camp 6

Athena Orb

Zone Name Members
Nyzul Isle Heroines' Holdfast 6

Stronghold Invasion

Zone Name Members
La Vaule (S) The Blood-bathed Crown 18
Castle Oztroja (S) A Malicious Manifest 18
Beadeaux (S) The Buried God 18


Zone Name Members
Provenance Beguiling Radiance 18
Provenance Maddening Radiance 18
Provenance Seductive Radiance 18
Provenance Provenance Watcher 18

Land Kings

Zone Name Members
Dragon's Aery Fafnir 18
Dragon's Aery Nidhogg 18
Behemoth's Dominion Behemoth 18
Behemoth's Dominion King Behemoth 18
Valley of Sorrows Adamantoise 18
Valley of Sorrows Aspidochelone 18


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