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Colonization map display

Colonization is the regional control system of Ulbuka. Players that wish to participate in colonization must first reach Adoulin by completing the mission Onward to Adoulin. Similar to other regional control systems, Colonization edification ranking updates every JP midnight. In addition, several status reports, including Colonization rate and Bivouac update throughout the week. Unlike other systems, however, Colonization uses the unique point system "Bayld." Furthermore, Colonization consists of two primary activities: Coalition Assignments and Reives.

From the moment they step foot in the region they will notice that even the jungles themselves will obstruct their path. Players must learn various skills in order to traverse the wilderness. See Traversing Adoulin for the key items necessary to trench further into Ulbuka.


Ionis is the regional status effect granted by specific NPCs of Adoulin. Like Signet, players may occasionally receive crystals while under the effect of Ionis. To receive Ionis, players must speak to Fleuricette or Quiri-Aliri and pay the 10 Bayld fee. The benefits of Ionis depend on the efforts of Adoulin's coalitions.


Reive is a battle system featured in Seekers of Adoulin areas. The primary objective of these battles varies by Reive type. At regular intervals, participants are evaluated and rewarded a variable amount of Experience Points and Bayld. Upon completion of a Reive, participants receive rewards correlating to their total contribution.


Coalitions are organizations dedicated to supporting colonization efforts. There are currently six coalitions:

  1. Pioneers' Coalition: Cultivates uninhabitable territory
  2. Peacekeepers' Coalition: Defends Adoulin against adversaries
  3. Couriers' Coalition: Transports supplies to the frontlines
  4. Scouts' Coalition: Gathers intelligence across Ulbuka and and analyzes unknown materials
  5. Mummers' Coalition: Charismatically rallies pioneers into action
  6. Inventors' Coalition: Develops tools and equipment for pioneers

Coalition Assignments

Coalition Assignments are tasks players choose to accept at one of the six coalitions. Participation requires players to expend imprimaturs. Rewards from completing a coalition assignment include experience points, Bayld, and the opportunity vote their support for a referendum directing the coalition's edification plan. These edifications affect the coalition's services.


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