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Category:Event Storage NPC

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Were you looking for Armor Storage NPC?

Event Storage NPCs

This group of NPCs can store seasonal and other special furnishings and gear.

NPC Location
Olaky-Yayulaky Windurst Waters (North) (F-8)
Poudoruchant Southern San d'Oria (F-8)
Gallagher Port Bastok (I-11)
Garridan Port Jeuno (J-8)
Jarafah Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-9)

Retrieving an item costs 250 gil.

When an item with an enchantment or dispensing effect is retrieved, it's recast time is reset to maximum.

Storable Items

Furnishings 1 Furnishings 2 Weapons and shields Armor - Head Armor - Body, Legs, Feet
Kadomatsu Egg Buffet Battledore Egg Helm Onoko Yukata / Lord's Yukata
Hoary Spire Kabuto-kazari Charm Wand +1 Pumpkin Head / Horror Head Omina Yukata / Lady's Yukata
Snowman Miner Katana-kazari Miracle Wand +1 Pumpkin Head II // Horror Head II Otoko Yukata / Otokogimi Yukata
Snowman Knight Carillon Vermeil Wooden Katana Witch Hat / Coven Hat Onago Yukata / Onnagimi Yukata
Snowman Mage Aeolsglocke Hardwood Katana Snow Bunny Hat +1 Hume Gilet / Hume Gilet +1
Bonbori Leafbell Lotus Katana Dream Hat / Dream Hat +1 Hume Top / Hume Top +1
Festival Dolls Calabazilla Lantern Shinai Sprout Beret Elvaan Gilet / Elvaan Gilet +1
Wing Egg Jack-o'-Pricket Ibushi Shinai / Ibushi Shinai +1 Guide Beret Elvaan Top / Elvaan Top +1
Lamp Egg Djinn Pricket Trick Staff / Treat Staff Mandragora Beret Tarutaru Maillot / Tarutaru Maillot +1
Flower Egg Korrigan Pricket Treat Staff II Sol Cap Tarutaru Top / Tarutaru Top +1
Jeweled Egg Mandragora Pricket Pitchfork / Pitchfork +1 Lunar Cap Mithra Top / Mithra Top +1
Hatchling Egg Jeunoan Tree Dream Bell / Dream Bell +1 Moogle Cap Galka Gilet / Galka Gilet +1
Clockwork Egg Stuffed Chocobo Chocobo Wand Nomad Cap Hume Trunks / Hume Trunks +1
Melodious Egg Adamantoise Statue Moogle Rod Chocobo Beret Hume Shorts / Hume Shorts +1
Red Bamboo Grass Behemoth Statue Town Moogle Shield Redeyes Elvaan Trunks / Elvaan Trunks +1
Green Bamboo Grass Fafnir Statue Nomad Moogle Shield Elvaan Shorts / Elvaan Shorts +1
Blue Bamboo Grass Odin Statue Tarutaru Trunks / Tarutaru Trunks +1
Pumpkin Lantern Alexander Statue Tarutaru Shorts / Tarutaru Shorts +1
Mandragora Lantern Shadow Lord Statue Mithra Shorts / Mithra Shorts +1
Bomb Lantern San d'Orian Flag Galka Trunks / Galka Trunks +1
San d'Orian Tree Bastokan Flag Custom Gilet / Custom Gilet +1
Bastokan Tree Windurstian Flag Custom Top / Custom Top +1
Windurstian Tree Pepo Lantern Magna Gilet / Magna Gilet +1
Dream Platter Cushaw Lantern Wonder Maillot / Wonder Maillot +1
Dream Stocking Wonder Top / Wonder Top +1
Dream Coffer Savage Top / Savage Top +1
Timepiece Elder Gilet / Elder Gilet +1
Miniature Airship Custom Trunks / Custom Trunks +1
Adventuring Certificate Custom Shorts / Custom Shorts +1
Harpsichord Magna Trunks / Magna Trunks +1
Aldebaran Horn Magna Shorts / Magna Shorts +1
Wonder Trunks / Wonder Trunks +1
Wonder Shorts / Wonder Shorts +1
Savage Shorts / Savage Shorts +1
Elder Trunks / Elder Trunks +1
Eerie Cloak / Eerie Cloak +1
Dream Robe / Dream Robe +1
Dream Boots / Dream Boots +1
Dinner Jacket
Dinner Hose
Tidal Talisman
Otokogusa Yukata / Otokoeshi Yukata
Omina Yukata / Ominaeshi Yukata

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