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Flourishes are a class of Dancer Job Ability that provide buffs to the Dancer and debuffs to the target monster. They are designed to be used strategically for their various purposes, and separated out into three categories that share recast timers:

Flourishes I : Monster Control
Name Level Recast FMs Effect
Animated Flourish 20 00:00:30 1~2 Volatile Enmity spike like Provoke
Desperate Flourish 30 00:00:20 1 Gravity effect
Violent Flourish 45 00:00:20 1 Stun effect
Flourishes II : Skillchain Enhancers
Name Level Recast FMs Effect
Reverse Flourish 40 00:00:30 1~5 Returns TP in exchange for FMs
Building Flourish 50 00:00:10 1~3 Increases the strength of the next Weapon Skill
Wild Flourish 60 00:00:20 2 Readies target for Skillchain
Flourishes III : Weapon Skill Buffs
Name Level Recast FMs Effect
Climactic Flourish 80 00:01:30 1~5 Forces Critical Hit(s) on the next attack(s)
Striking Flourish 89 00:00:30 2 Forces a Double Attack on the next swing
Ternary Flourish 93 00:00:45 3 Forces a Triple Attack on the next swing

The different Flourish categories may not share recast timers, but they do share a reliance on Finishing Moves. Proper Finishing Move management is essential and, combined with proper Flourish usage, can turn a 4,000 damage skillchain into a 25,000 damage skillchain.

The golden standard for damage-dealing FM consumption is the simple, "Could I get more out of using these Finishing Moves with Reverse Flourish?" question. Given 5 finishing moves, Reverse Flourish's minimum damage potential is one Weapon Skill and its maximum damage potential is approximately 2.5 Weapon Skills given the situation and party dynamics. Because Reverse Flourish's recast is perfectly matched to the optimal rate at which you gain Finishing Moves (without Terpsichore), any other Flourish you use directly reduces the damage potential of Reverse Flourish. Therefore, in order for a Flourish from category II or III to be competitive it must be more efficient at converting Finishing Moves into damage than Reverse Flourish.

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