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List of all furnishings in the game.

Furniture List

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Name Element Storage Dimensions Aura Strength Moghancement
Pile of Chocobo Bedding Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Simple Bed Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Oak Bed Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Mahogany Bed Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Bronze Bed Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Noble's Bed Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Gold Bed Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Royal Bed Dark-Icon.gif Dark 2
Desk Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Workbench Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Maple Table Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Oak Table Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Tarutaru Desk Earth-Icon.gif Earth 2
Drawing Desk Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Secretaire Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Bureau Earth-Icon.gif Earth 2
Dresser Light-Icon.gif Light 15
Millionaire Desk Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Wicker Box Wind-Icon.gif Air 4
Armor Box Water-Icon.gif Water 5
Coffer Water-Icon.gif Water 5
Chest Water-Icon.gif Water 3
Cabinet Water-Icon.gif Water 7
Commode Water-Icon.gif Water 6
Cupboard Fire-Icon.gif Fire 6
Chiffonier Water-Icon.gif Water 6
Armoire Water-Icon.gif Water 14
Royal Bookshelf Wind-Icon.gif Air 10
Bookshelf Fire-Icon.gif Fire 20
San d'Orian Holiday Tree Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Kadomatsu Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Timepiece Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Wastebasket Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 2
Rusty Bucket Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Blue Pitcher Water-Icon.gif Water 4
Tarutaru Stool Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Water Cask Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Water Barrel Water-Icon.gif Water 6
Beverage Barrel Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Book Holder Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Scimitar Cactus Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Elshimo Palm Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Okadomatsu Earth-Icon.gif Earth 2
Flower Stand Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Goldfish Bowl Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Tarutaru Folding Screen Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Sky Pot Ice-Icon.gif Ice 7
Red Jar Fire-Icon.gif Fire 7
Water Jug Water-Icon.gif Water 2
Urn Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
White Jar Light-Icon.gif Light 6
Yellow Jar Earth-Icon.gif Earth 4
Cleaning Tool Set Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
My First Magic Kit Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Bastokan Holiday Tree Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Windurstian Holiday Tree Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Wing Egg Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Lamp Egg Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Flower Egg Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Freshwater Aquarium Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Saltwater Aquarium Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Amir Bed Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Athenienne Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Wardrobe Earth-Icon.gif Earth 10
Reliquary Fire-Icon.gif Fire 8
Falsiam Vase Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 6
Coffee Table Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Console Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 6
Imperial Standard Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Marble Bed Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Stationery Set Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Tableware Set Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Tea Set Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Copy of "Emeralda" Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Magic Tome Set Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Set of Kaiserin Cosmetics Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Cordon Bleu Cooking Set Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Jeunoan Tree Ice-Icon.gif Ice 4
Star Globe Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Dream Platter Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 2
Dream Coffer Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 2
Drogaroga's Fang Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Ngoma Wind-Icon.gif Air 2
Caisson Earth-Icon.gif Earth 5
Thurible Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Walahra Burner Dark-Icon.gif Dark 3
Imperial Tapestry Fire-Icon.gif Fire 2
Cartonnier Fire-Icon.gif Fire 20
Set of Alchemist's Tools Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Leather Pot Earth-Icon.gif Earth 4
Stack of Fool's Gold Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Flowerpot Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Mastersmith Anvil Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Miniature Airship Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Dream Stocking Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 2
Snowman Knight Ice-Icon.gif Ice 4
Snowman Miner Ice-Icon.gif Ice 4
Snowman Mage Ice-Icon.gif Ice 4
Jeweled Egg Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Bonbori Ice-Icon.gif Ice 2
San d'Orian Flag Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Bastokan Flag Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Windurstian Flag Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Jeunoan Flag Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Rook Banner Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Shield Plaque Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Buckler Plaque Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Copy of "Acolyte's Grief" Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Copy of "Autumn's End In Gustaberg" Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Copy of "Lines and Space" Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Fishing Hole Map Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Copy of "Hoary Spire" Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Adventuring Certificate Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Blacksmith's Plaque Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Stuffed "Big One" Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Melodious Egg Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Clockwork Egg Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Gilt Tapestry Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Hatchling Egg Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Tsahyan Mask Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Totem Pole Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Golden Fleece Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Bomb Lantern Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Pumpkin Lantern Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Mandragora Lantern Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Copy of "Ancient Blood" Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Fire Lamp Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Ice Lamp Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Wind Lamp Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Earth Lamp Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Lightning Lamp Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Water Lamp Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Light Lamp Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Dark Lamp Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Set of Festival Dolls Fire-Icon.gif Fire 3
Porcelain Flowerpot Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Brass Flowerpot Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Earthen Flowerpot Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Ceramic Flowerpot Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Wooden Flowerpot Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Arcane Flowerpot Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Fighting Fish Tank Water-Icon.gif Water 1
River Aquarium Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Bay Aquarium Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Reef Aquarium Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Blackhorn Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Stripehorn Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Whitehorn Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Hume ♂ Mannequin Light-Icon.gif Light 28
Hume ♀ Mannequin Light-Icon.gif Light 28
Elvaan ♂ Mannequin Light-Icon.gif Light 28
Elvaan ♀ Mannequin Light-Icon.gif Light 28
Tarutaru ♂ Mannequin Light-Icon.gif Light 28
Tarutaru ♀ Mannequin Light-Icon.gif Light 28
Mithra Mannequin Light-Icon.gif Light 28
Galka Mannequin Light-Icon.gif Light 28
Stuffed Chocobo Fire-Icon.gif Fire 4
Adamantoise Statue Earth-Icon.gif Earth 4
Behemoth Statue Water-Icon.gif Water 4
Fafnir Statue Fire-Icon.gif Fire 4
Nomad Moogle Statue Light-Icon.gif Light 4
Shadow Lord Statue Dark-Icon.gif Dark 4
Odin Statue Dark-Icon.gif Dark 4
Alexander Statue Light-Icon.gif Light 4
Ark Angel HM Statue Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Ark Angel EV Statue Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Ark Angel TT Statue Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Ark Angel MR Statue Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Ark Angel GK Statue Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Prishe Statue Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Cardian Statue Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Shadow Lord Statue II Dark-Icon.gif Dark 4
Shadow Lord Statue III Dark-Icon.gif Dark 4
Atomos Statue Dark-Icon.gif Dark 4
Yovra Replica Wind-Icon.gif Air 4
Goobbue Statue Earth-Icon.gif Earth 4
Nanaa Mihgo Statue Light-Icon.gif Light 4
Nanaa Mihgo Statue II Light-Icon.gif Light 4
Bonfire Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Crystal Stakes Gold Cup Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Crystal Stakes Mythril Cup Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Crystal Stakes Bronze Cup Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Mythril Trophy Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Bronze Trophy Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Yellow VCS Plaque Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Black VCS Plaque Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Red VCS Plaque Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Blue VCS Plaque Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Green VCS Plaque Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
9-Drawer Almirah Water-Icon.gif Water 16
6-Drawer Almirah Water-Icon.gif Water 15
3-Drawer Almirah Water-Icon.gif Water 14
Bronze Rose Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Crystal Rose Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Shell Lamp Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Harpsichord Light-Icon.gif Light 4
Mythril Bell Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Horn Trophy Ice-Icon.gif Ice 2
Sprig of Red Bamboo Grass Dark-Icon.gif Dark 2
Sprig of Blue Bamboo Grass Dark-Icon.gif Dark 2
Sprig of Green Bamboo Grass Dark-Icon.gif Dark 2
Yellow Hobby Bo Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Red Hobby Bo Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Black Hobby Bo Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Blue Hobby Bo Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Green Hobby Bo Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Winged Altar Light-Icon.gif Light 2
Winged Plaque Light-Icon.gif Light 2
Winged Balance Light-Icon.gif Light 2
Blacksmith's Signboard Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Goldsmith's Signboard Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Boneworker's Signboard Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Weaver's Signboard Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Culinarian's Signboard Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Tanner's Signboard Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Fisherman's Signboard Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Carpenter's Signboard Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Alchemist's Signboard Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Harp Stool Earth-Icon.gif Earth 2
San d'Orian Marriage Certificate Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Bastokan Marriage Certificate Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Windurstian Marriage Certificate Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Marble Plaque Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Royal Squire's Bunk Earth-Icon.gif Earth 3
Republican Legionnaire's Bedding Dark-Icon.gif Dark 4
Federal Mercenary's Hammock Wind-Icon.gif Air 2
Half Partition Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Spence Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 16
Bookstack Earth-Icon.gif Earth 16
Bread Crock Dark-Icon.gif Dark 9
Set of Guild Flyers Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Partition Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Credenza Earth-Icon.gif Earth 7
Bahut Earth-Icon.gif Earth 8
Matka Earth-Icon.gif Earth 2
Gallipot Earth-Icon.gif Earth 8
Fluoro-flora Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Amigo Cactus Fire-Icon.gif Fire 2
Amiga Cactus Water-Icon.gif Water 2
Poele Classique Fire-Icon.gif Fire 3
Kanonenofen Fire-Icon.gif Fire 3
Pot Topper Fire-Icon.gif Fire 3
San d'Orian Tea Set Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Bastokan Tea Set Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Windurstian Tea Set Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Butterfly Cage Wind-Icon.gif Air 3
Cricket Cage Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 3
Glowfly Cage Dark-Icon.gif Dark 3
Parclose Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
CS Gold Stand Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
CS Mythril Stand Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
CS Bronze Stand Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Blue 9-Drawer Almirah Ice-Icon.gif Ice 16
Blue 6-Drawer Almirah Ice-Icon.gif Ice 15
Blue 3-Drawer Almirah Ice-Icon.gif Ice 14
Green 9-Drawer Almirah Wind-Icon.gif Air 16
Green 6-Drawer Almirah Wind-Icon.gif Air 15
Green 3-Drawer Almirah Wind-Icon.gif Air 14
Yellow 9-Drawer Almirah Earth-Icon.gif Earth 16
Yellow 6-Drawer Almirah Earth-Icon.gif Earth 15
Yellow 3-Drawer Almirah Earth-Icon.gif Earth 14
White 9-Drawer Almirah Light-Icon.gif Light 16
White 6-Drawer Almirah Light-Icon.gif Light 15
White 3-Drawer Almirah Light-Icon.gif Light 14
Carmine Desk Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Cerulean Desk Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Myrtle Desk Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Ecru Desk Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Blue Tarutaru Desk Ice-Icon.gif Ice 2
Green Tarutaru Desk Wind-Icon.gif Air 2
Yellow Tarutaru Desk Earth-Icon.gif Earth 2
White Tarutaru Desk Light-Icon.gif Light 2
Red Mahogany Bed Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Blue Mahogany Bed Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Green Mahogany Bed Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Yellow Mahogany Bed Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Blue Noble's Bed Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Green Noble's Bed Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Yellow Noble's Bed Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
White Noble's Bed Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Blue Tarutaru Standing Screen Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Green Tarutaru Standing Screen Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Yellow Tarutaru Standing Screen Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
White Tarutaru Standing Screen Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Red Round Table Fire-Icon.gif Fire 5
Blue Round Table Ice-Icon.gif Ice 5
Green Round Table Wind-Icon.gif Air 5
Yellow Round Table Earth-Icon.gif Earth 5
White Round Table Light-Icon.gif Light 5
Aldebaran Horn Earth-Icon.gif Earth 3
Tomeshelf Dark-Icon.gif Dark 10
Storage Hutch Earth-Icon.gif Earth 12
Tidings Board Earth-Icon.gif Earth 4
Leisure Table Earth-Icon.gif Earth 2
Pot of Meadsweet Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Vase of Ru'Lude Orchids Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Elshimo Pachira Fire-Icon.gif Fire 2
Tavern Bench Earth-Icon.gif Earth 4
Feasting Table Earth-Icon.gif Earth 7
Girandola Fire-Icon.gif Fire 3
Orchestrion Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 2
Rococo Table Water-Icon.gif Water 10
Semainier Dark-Icon.gif Dark 35
Red Storm Lantern Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Blue Storm Lantern Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Green Storm Lantern Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Yellow Storm Lantern Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
White Storm Lantern Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Isula Sideboard Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 10
Jeunoan Dresser Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 55
Jeunoan Armoire Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 30
Floral Nightstand Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Orblight Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Planus Table Light-Icon.gif Light 5
Squat Desk Wind-Icon.gif Air 4
Taru Tot Toyset Wind-Icon.gif Air 2
Gilded Chest Dark-Icon.gif Dark 20
Aureous Chest Dark-Icon.gif Dark 8
Luxurious Chest Dark-Icon.gif Dark 8
Vaisselier Royale Earth-Icon.gif Earth 8
Gilded Shelf Fire-Icon.gif Fire 40
Mensa Lunata Wind-Icon.gif Air 11
Gueridon Wind-Icon.gif Air 5
Personal Table Wind-Icon.gif Air 7
Candelabrum Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Egg Stool Earth-Icon.gif Earth 2
Egg Table Wind-Icon.gif Air 3
Egg Locker Ice-Icon.gif Ice 4
Egg Lantern Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Egg Buffet Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 10
Pepo Lantern Dark-Icon.gif Dark 10
Cushaw Lantern Dark-Icon.gif Dark 6
Calabazilla Lantern Dark-Icon.gif Dark 2
Candle Holder Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Bakery Platter Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Buffalo Milk Case Light-Icon.gif Light 4
Panetiere Dark-Icon.gif Dark 65
Galley Kitchen Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 17
Pot of Red Viola Fire-Icon.gif Fire 4
Pot of Blue Viola Ice-Icon.gif Ice 4
Pot of Yellow Viola Earth-Icon.gif Earth 4
Pot of White Viola Light-Icon.gif Light 4
Puce Chest Fire-Icon.gif Fire 10
Chest of Marbled Drawers Wind-Icon.gif Air 45
Jewelry Case Fire-Icon.gif Fire 6
Keepsake Case Light-Icon.gif Light 6
Gemstone Case Earth-Icon.gif Earth 6
Gemscope Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Ornament Case Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Opus Shelf Fire-Icon.gif Fire 14
Bongo Drum Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Fictile Pot Dark-Icon.gif Dark 5
Stepping Stool Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Red Mariner's Bed Fire-Icon.gif Fire 2
Blue Mariner's Bed Ice-Icon.gif Ice 2
Green Mariner's Bed Wind-Icon.gif Air 2
Yellow Mariner's Bed Earth-Icon.gif Earth 2
White Mariner's Bed Light-Icon.gif Light 2
Couronne des Etoiles Ice-Icon.gif Ice 4
Silberkranz Ice-Icon.gif Ice 4
Leafberry Wreath Ice-Icon.gif Ice 4
Jack-o'-Pricket Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Djinn Pricket Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Korrigan Pricket Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Blacksmiths' Stall Fire-Icon.gif Fire 20
Goldsmiths' Stall Light-Icon.gif Light 20
Boneworkers' Stall Dark-Icon.gif Dark 20
Weavers' Stall Earth-Icon.gif Earth 20
Culinarians' Stall Wind-Icon.gif Air 20
Tanners' Stall Ice-Icon.gif Ice 20
Fishermen's Stall Water-Icon.gif Water 20
Carpenters' Stall Earth-Icon.gif Earth 20
Alchemists' Stall Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 20
Starlight Cake Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Buche des Etoiles Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Serving of Bavarois Potiron Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Banquet Set Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Plate of Mock Hare Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Purifying Ewer Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Rolanberry Delightaru Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Kabuto-kazari Dark-Icon.gif Dark 2
Katana-kazari Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Carillon Vermeil Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Aeolsglocke Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Leafbell Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Mandragora Pricket Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Spook-a-Swirl Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Chocolate Grumpkin Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Harvest Horror Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Prinseggstarta Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Harvest Pastry Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Memorial Cake Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 3
Banquet Table Fire-Icon.gif Fire 5
Tender Bouquet Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Treasury Table Fire-Icon.gif Fire 10
Treasury Stand Fire-Icon.gif Fire 10
Sundries Table Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 10
Sundries Stand Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 10
Supply Table Earth-Icon.gif Earth 10
Supply Stand Earth-Icon.gif Earth 10
Stone Hearth Fire-Icon.gif Fire 4
Case of Display Blades Fire-Icon.gif Fire 2
Set of Bonecrafting Tools Dark-Icon.gif Dark 4
Shell Assortment Dark-Icon.gif Dark 2
Spinning Wheel Earth-Icon.gif Earth 4
Set of Fine Raiments Earth-Icon.gif Earth 2
Brass Crock Wind-Icon.gif Air 4
Hide Stretcher Ice-Icon.gif Ice 4
Set of Courier Bags Ice-Icon.gif Ice 2
Net and Lure Water-Icon.gif Water 4
Set of Stockfish Water-Icon.gif Water 2
Carpenter's Kit Earth-Icon.gif Earth 4
Set of Chocobo Carvings Earth-Icon.gif Earth 2
Alembic Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 4
Flask Set Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 2
Celestial Globe Dark-Icon.gif Dark 5
Spinet Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Recital Bench Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Beastman Gonfalon Dark-Icon.gif Dark 5
Copy of "Judgment Day" Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 7
Alzadaal Table Light-Icon.gif Light 12
Sproutling Board Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Forestdweller Board Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Princess Board Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Empress Board Thunder-Icon.gif Thunder 1
Duelist Board Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Crystal Board Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Dancer Board Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Wizardess Board Dark-Icon.gif Dark 1
Fighter Board Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Guardian Board Ice-Icon.gif Ice 1
Stoic Board Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Lamb Carving Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Polished Lamb Carving Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Cait Sith Carving Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Kotatsu Table Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Mandarin Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Cherry Tree Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Bathtub Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Shower Stand Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Awning Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Triangular Jalousie Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Square Jalousie Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Transom Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Far East Hearth Fire-Icon.gif Fire 1
Vana'clock Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Murrey Grisaille Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Moss Green Grisaille Light-Icon.gif Light 1
Valance Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Windurstian Sill Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
San d'Orian Sill Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Bastokan Sill Wind-Icon.gif Air 1
Pot of Wards Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Pot of White Clematis Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Pot of Pink Clematis Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Birch Tree Earth-Icon.gif Earth 1
Handful of Adoulinian Tomatoes Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Lion Statue Earth-Icon.gif Earth 4
Light Chest Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Bulky Coffer Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Azure Chest Water-Icon.gif Water 1
Aurum Coffer Light-Icon.gif Light 5
Well Water-Icon.gif Water 80
Mumor Statue Light-Icon.gif Light 4
Ullegore Statue Dark-Icon.gif Dark 4

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