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Very Difficult

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Easily Solable by a BLU99/WAR49 , bring Echo Drops and set spells for max dd dmg / heal / buff --23:47, 22 August 2019‎ User:Kuroganashi

Easy solo by DNC99/NIN49, brought Echo drops but didn't really need them, shadows didn't help for most of the moves anyway. Trusts used AAEV, Yoran-Oran, Koru Moru, King of Hearts, Seltheus-sephiroth looking dude. As long as you let EV keep hate you should be fine. If your mage trusts all stand within range of AoE silence make sure you Healing Waltz your WHM trust to help things along. User:Chuburger


Easy Solo by DNC/NIN ilv119. Used AAEV as tank, Seltheus(sp)??, Yoran Oran and supports for remaining trusts. Should still be easy at ilvl 115, went down fast and silence and stuns weren't an issue.

Very Easy

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