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Very Difficult

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Easy solo with any DPS job. I prefer MNK post October update but was using SAM before that. Dispel trust are a must for solo. Koru-Moru and Ajido combo works fine.

All her attacks are magic, a solid Hybrid build makes her very tame, with the long queue times on Asura I recommend playing it safe.

Dark Thorns requires an immediate dispel (dread spikes), Moonlight veil gives her a big Matt boost, I recommend letting that dispel as well.

Keep her in the middle of the zone but move her and your trust out of the circles as needed. Light based SCs only. I do not recommend capped haste until you are very familiar with the fight. Dark Thorns plus a melee crit can wipe you quickly. --21:31, 19 October 2019 User:Taint

Very Easy

Gyves Method. It is possible to melee the Gyves and WS only on Lilith. This method is very easy, albeit a bit frustrating with knock backs.

-- 08:02, 4 February 2020‎ Drayco

Gyves Method. As BLU/RUN (could have done as /THF too) No REMA weapon, only 200 JP I've used Yoran Oran, Sel'Theus, and others trust, i think it should be easy with 2 Heal Trust, Sel'Theus helped a lot, and a BRD / COR

-- 25 February 2020‎ Maestrel


  • This is just a baseline so people have something to go off of.

Attempted this as Blu/Dnc, average(probably lower end) gear. Set magic barrier/barrier tusk/Plasma Charge for some defenses.
Called trusts, AAEV, Apururu, Iroha II, Shantotto II and King of Hearts. Wasn't sure what to expect.

Her attacks being AOE, she wiped Iroha and Shantotto within seconds, so only had the other 3 for majority of the fight, which didn't help. AAEV had trouble holding hate, and due to the large amount of healing needed, had to face away several times to drop hate and heal myself.
Lilith spawned an Add, a gate of some kind, didn't summon anything and took either minimal damage or has a decent amount of HP, and either has a slow tick regen or Lilith's moves give it health back. After about 3 minutes of attacking it, and it only dropping to 89% then shooting back up to 95% I switched back to her.
The other "gates" around the room will attack you if you are close to them. Eventually wiped after all 3 trusts had no MP, and King went down, followed by Apururu, then AAEV and finally myself due to the knockback on her attacks killing my casts.
Died with 18% left, and the targetable gate was still up. Not sure what other mechanics happen with that.
Didn't eat food, and not sure if her attacks were physical or magical. Definitely recommend a solid tank to soak the hits and let others do ranged damage. -- 13:41, 13 September 2019 Dmhlucky

Tried again a few times, successfully. Same/similar trusts, ate some acc food just for kicks.
Main focus here is repositioning her away from any gates that she spawns. And Stay within the circle. If you move outside you do 0 damage with anything.
Can also confirm she absorbs Dark damage at Least when you/she is outside the main circle, at an enhanced rate, ran with a trial group, as Smn, my normal Dmg BPs were ~2-3k, tried a lunar bay and she cured for over 11k.
Since we were hitting her for 0, tried AF Odin, he cured for around 110k. Although both times the messages read that the summoner avatar restores HP.

Just stay away from the gates, stay away from the front conal range and take her down. Overall relativly easy fight once trusts aren't being chunked by the gates. -- 15:59; 8 October 2019 Dmhlucky Dmhlucky

THF SCH duo.

Treasure Hunter highly increases chance of drops in this fight, I've had a 50-60% drop rate on VE when TH is taken in the fight. I've had less Success on drops from N with no TH.

--Faites 13:13, 31 October 2019 (GMT)

Thf/War solo w/ Trusts

I've been doing the Gyves method with Thf/War with great success. Trusts - Amchuchu, Apapuru, Koro-Moru, Brygid, Arcecia II Using Tauret and a hybrid DT/HP+/Melee set. Loading up on HP+ gear really helps a lot when MaxHPDown hits. Go in, SA+Feint start then TA+Evisceration tank. Collaborator on healer often and TA tank often. Can ride out Berserk without fear because of magical attacks. When Gyves spawns, switch target to that and TP off it, only doing Evisceration on Lilith. Fight typically takes 3-6mins this way.

NIN/WAR solo w/ trusts Apururu, Koru-Moru, Ulmia, Joachim, King of Hearts

Fought in the middle, melee'd Lilith, Moved lilith to keep trusts out of Gyves. Phalanx from King of hearts is very helpful here. I tp'd in a mdt hybrid set (currently -36%mdt and 1229 primary accuracy without food) since Lilith does all magic damage. Top priority is keeping shadows up. I was able to just stick with ni and san with an occasional ichi. Very easy and straight forward fight. --Twitchington 20:29, 2 November 2020 (EST)

BLU/NIN solo w/ trusts Gessho, Amchuchu, Apururu, Sel'teus, King of Hearts

Modeled after testimonials above. Achievable without GS with some skill(lua broken at time of writing this), mixture of -mdt, haste%, and spell int rate down. Did not use Gyve to tp; attempted this way and took too long and she heals herself. CDC'd her face off with some Sinker Drills for good measure. Gessho was surprisingly efficient at keeping hate. Bouncing two tanks kept it from getting too hairy. Should not be a problem for any career BLU, if a dusty, rusty old BLU like me can do it. 0/4 so far. Good luck! ~Anbuakira of Asura 4 November 2020

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