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Very Difficult

• Troubadour/nightingale horde lullaby 2 on the tarus, then fight Tenzen where he spawns.
• He will use Yaegasumi at some point, and you should cease using WS until it wears off.
• He will gain immunity to damage at some point, stand in place, and proceed to spam WS on whoever has hate (or is close to him). Move away from him, and stay away until he moves towards you, then fight him again normally.
• Gains heightened stats when he consumes a shogun rice ball.
• Geo/Indi-Wilt is optional, since it can reduce damage spike from his WS (and subsequently, his skillchains). Hybrid/DT setup recommended when he uses Meikyo Shisui. -- 9 June 2018‎ Rehn


Jobs: BLU BLU BRD/blm (BLUs /war or /nin (/war preferred))

Trusts: WhiteMage + x2 support. (Apururu+Qultada+Arciela 1 preferred)


  • Decent BLUs who at least have CDC.
    • Survival spells required: Occultation.
    • Can set Silent Storm to help manage the tarutarus and also Dream Flower.
  • Requires a BRD who has proper gearsets for landing lullaby on ilvl content.


BRD opens with troubadour horde lullaby after buffs. The BLUs begin work spamming light together. Now, Tenzen has two different 2-hours. During Tenzen's WS-spam 2-hour the BLUs can either stay on him with shadows (slightly risky given that Tenzen is capable of 1shotting people) or walk away (minimum risk). Tenzen will not chase after you until his 2-hour expires, though he will unload 2-3 WS once he catches up with you at that point. During Tenzen's ranged-attack 2-hour the BLUs can melee but do not WS; at this point WSs will miss and also give tenzen an attack bonus. You will know that his ranged-attack 2h is over by the animation of him putting away his bow (He keeps it out during the 2-hour). Back to the BRD or BLM's role - when the troubadour lullaby expires use Elemental Seal to land another Horde Lullaby on the tarutarus. The fight should be over before this one wears off unless something has gone significantly wrong.


This can be done with less people - a great BLU and a decent BRD can duo this with relative ease. Exceptional BLUs can even solo this without trusts (check out Spicyryan's youtube video for an example). You can even pull this off with melee DD jobs other than BLU. If you want to do this fight low-man with friends on Difficult, here is an easy strategy that you can use and alter to your liking.

The main boons to doing this fight lowman are threefold. 1) less shouting for members before each run. 2) less members to split items amongst. 3) more interest in your shout due to potential applicants not being dissuaded by having to cast lots against potentially 5 other members.

-- 16:43, 28 December 2015‎ Roland316


Solo'd with trusts 99 BLU/WAR. I used Zied II, Ihora II, Koru, Joachim, and Yoran. I tried with a tank trust but they died/did not keep hate off me. Mostly +1 Ambuscade DT gear as I was tanking. Buff up, occulation very important, haste, mighty guard, and battery charge cuz koru dosent like to refresh me /WAR. I opened with dream flower on the tarus, it only sleeps 2 of them, the third is immune or highly resistant, don't think I got him once. During fight, keep up cocoon and keep occulation up as much as mp permits, if the tarus aoe it gets wiped, I did die once to a ws into sc for 2100 hp. Watch tarus and sleep again as necessary, I do think it starts being less effective the more you do it. Fight lasted about 5 mins, wisdom would come back up with him at less than 5%. I lost count, but based on the number of seals I had when done, I did this 30 to 40 times with blue mage treasure hunter. I had everything drop but the head piece over 30-40 runs. --Davecus (talk) 17:19, 17 April 2019 (EDT)

Soloed as 99(119) BLU/DNC with trust (AAEV, Koru, Ulmia, Apruru and Arcelia II). Fairly easy kill. Slept 2 of the tarus with Dream Flower, didn't bother silencing the BLM taru (just ignored him). Have to resleep the tarus once or twice ever fight. AAEV Tanks without dying but does loose hate from time to time. Traits set: Duelwield III, Triple Attack, Acc Bonus I, Store TP II, Fast Cast I and Treasure Hunter. I have the first JP gift, so all levels are +1 where applicable. Dagna (talk) 16:05, 13 October 2019 (EDT)


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Very Easy

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