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In Level 75 Salvage, Pathos are progressively unlocked by utilizing imbued cells. Imbued cells are obtained from the first armoury crate present upon entering the zone and from defeating certain monsters within the remnants area. Each cell removed part or all of the restriction associated with one of the five Pathos. Reference the table below for more information.

Cell and Pathos Quick Reference
Cell Pathos Removed
Incus Cell Encumbrance: Weapons
Undulatus Cell Encumbrance: Ranged
Castellanus Cell Encumbrance: Head and Neck
Virga Cell Encumbrance: Rings and Earrings
Cumulus Cell Encumbrance: Body
Radiatus Cell Encumbrance: Hands
Cirrocumulus Cell Encumbrance: Back and Waist
Stratus Cell Encumbrance: Legs and Feet
Duplicatus Cell Obliviscence: Support Jobs
Opacus Cell Impairment: Abilities
Praecipitatio Cell Omerta: Magic
Humilus Cell Debilitation: Maximum HP
Spissatus Cell Debilitation: Maximum MP
Pannus Cell Debilitation: Strength
Fractus Cell Debilitation: Dexterity
Congestus Cell Debilitation: Vitality
Nimbus Cell Debilitation: Agility
Velum Cell Debilitation: Intelligence
Pileus Cell Debilitation: Mind
Mediocris Cell Debilitation: Charisma

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