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The most fearsome beasts to roam the overworld of the Ulbukan Continent are the seven Naakuals (JP: 七支公, lit: Leaders of the Seven Branches). These bloodthirsty creatures reign over the lands in which they are present with the local wildlife at their beck and call. Naakuals can only be challenged by pioneers who are brave and experienced enough to participate in Wildskeeper Reive battles. Each Naakual is the warlord of its monster archetype and is strongly aligned with one of the eight elements.

Six of the seven Naakuals are currently accessible. While the Naakuals were originally presented with tiered difficulty, all of the Naakuals are now set to Content Level 16 to provide useful rewards for all participants. The final Naakual will be added to an unknown territory as the colonization of the Ulbukan wilds continues. Little is known about this final Naakual, but it is likely to preside over the Amorphs and be aligned with the dark element.

When faced in the underworld, within the fractures of Delve, the full potential of the Naakuals is realized. These powerful bosses have unique attributes and gain access to spells which their overworld counterparts do not have. The first three Delve bosses are currently accessible with a Content Level of 20 (the most challenging content currently available): Muyingwa (Colkhab's counterpart), Dakuwaqa (Tchakka's counterpart), and Tojil (Achuka's counterpart).

The Naakuals

The Matriarch Naakual
Element Alignment: Element: Wind
Familial Reign: Vermin
Monster Type: Bztavian
Location: Ceizak Battlegrounds


The Riptide Naakual
Element Alignment: Element: Water
Familial Reign: Aquans
Monster Type: Rockfin
Location: Foret de Hennetiel

The Firebrand Naakual
Element Alignment: Element: Fire
Familial Reign: Lizards
Monster Type: Gabbrath
Location: Morimar Basalt Fields


The Ligneous Naakual
Element Alignment: Element: Earth
Familial Reign: Plantoid
Monster Type: Yggdreant
Location: Yorcia Weald

The Booming Naakual
Element Alignment: Element: Thunder
Familial Reign: Birds
Monster Type: Waktza
Location: Marjami Ravine


The Flashfrost Naakual
Element Alignment: Element: Ice
Familial Reign: Beasts
Monster Type: Cehuetzi
Location: Kamihr Drifts

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