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General Notes
  • Panopts have the ability to absorb magic damage temporarily after performing a backflip animation. When the backflip is performed again, they will take normal magic damage (they will switch modes back and forth even while passive).
  • Panopts are casters that cast various earth elemental magic available at their level including Stonega III, Stone V, Quake, Rasp, Enstone, and Stoneskin.
  • While passive, Panopts will occasionally "plant" their tail into the ground. While they are planted they will not move and cannot move until they come out of the ground.
Type Plantoids
Related to
Detects True Sight
Crystal Earth Crystal icon.png Earth Crystal
Panopt Resistances *
Physical Damage Magical Damage Breath Damage Slashing Blunt H2H Piercing Ranged
Question Question Question Question Question Question Question Question
Element: Fire Element: Wind Element: Thunder Element: Light Element: Ice Element: Earth Element: Water Element: Dark
Question Question Question Question Question R Question R
A: Absorbs · S: Susceptible · R: Resists

* Occasionally NMs and subfamilies will have differing resistances.
100% denotates that a monster takes full damage.
Anything above or below 100% is a bonus or penalty.

  • E.g At 5% a foe takes -95% damage.
See the Resist and Damage Type pages.


Ability Y' Area Target Class Type Effect Copy Image.png Condition
Crushing Gaze Conal Question Gaze: Inflicts Gravity & Slow.
Sylvan Slumber 10' AoE Question Element: Dark Gaze: Sleeps all targets. Ignores shadows.
Retinal Glare Conal Question Element: Light Inflicts damage. Additional effect: Flash. Removes shadows.
Vaskania Conal Question Element: Dark Inflicts damage. Additional effect: Curse NM only
Area: 1P, AoE, Gaze, Conal · Target: Who the ability selects, Player or Monster
Class: Physical-Magical-Breath-Buff · Type: Element (E.g ice) or Damage Type (E.g piercing or blank)
Copy Image.png: Utsusemi shadows consumed (#), B Bypasses, but does not remove shadows, R Removes all shadows.


Notorious Monster


Event Appearances

Name Event Zone
Grotto Panopt [[Adjunct Expedition 3 (Batallia)]] [[Everbloom Hollow]]
Note: See the respective event/zone page. Mob names not listed here due to excess cases (ex: Campaign).
Name Event Zone
Note: See the respective event/zone page. Mob names not listed here due to excess cases (ex: Campaign).

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