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Two-Hour.png SP Abilities, also know as "One-Hours" or previously known as "Two-Hour abilities" due to their original recast timer, are unique and powerful job-specific abilities.

Two SP abilities are available for each job - one unlocked at level 1, and the other acquired at level 96.

Level 1 SP abilities can not be obtained from sub jobs, only from the player's main job.

All level 1 SP abilities are on a common one hour recast timer, and all level 96 SP abilities are on a second common one hour recast timer. If an SP ability is used on any job, the player cannot use a SP ability on any other job until the timer resets (all jobs share the same one hour ability timer).
This may be done by waiting the full duration of the timer, or by utilizing a Revitalizer or other means of ability restoration (such as a successful Wild Card). The Corsair level 96 SP Ability Cutting Cards also reduces the remaining recast timer of SP abilities by a percentage depending on the roll.

Each Level 1 SP ability is enhanced in duration or effect by one piece from the corresponding job's Augmented or Reforged Relic Armor set.
Additionally, there are several variations of Evolith which may be added to certain armor pieces to slightly reduce the recast timer on SP abilities (by 30 seconds each), but their utilization is relatively unimportant because of how minor the reduction is.
Finally, SP ability effects may each be upgraded by utilizing Job Points.

SP Abilities by Job

Job Ability Duration Description Enhanced By
WAR Mighty Strikes 45 sec. Turns all melee attacks into critical hits. Warrior's Mufflers +2
Duration +15 sec.
Brazen Rush 30 sec. Increases your chance to execute a double attack. -
MNK Hundred Fists 45 sec. Speeds up attacks. Melee Hose +2
Duration +15 sec.
Inner Strength 30 sec. Increases your maximum HP and maximizes Counter rate. -
WHM Benediction N/A Restores a large amount of hit points and removes all status ailments for party members within area of effect. Cleric's Briault +2
Associated Enmity -50
Asylum 30 sec. Grants party members a powerful resistance to enfeebling magic and Dispel effects. -
BLM Manafont 60 sec. Allows spellcasting without using MP. Sorcerer's Coat +2
Duration +30 sec.
Subtle Sorcery 60 sec. Reduces the amount of enmity generated from magic spells and increases magic accuracy. -
RDM Chainspell 60 sec. Allows rapid spellcasting. Duelist's Tabard +2
Duration +20 sec.
Stymie 60 sec. Greatly increases the accuracy of the next enfeebling magic spell. -
THF Perfect Dodge 30 sec. Allows you to dodge all melee attacks Assassin's Armlets +2
Duration +10 sec.
Larceny N/A Steals one beneficial effect from the target enemy, prioritizing active SP effects. -
PLD Invincible 30 sec. Grants immunity to all physical attacks Valor Breeches +2
Duration +10 sec.
Intervene 30 sec. Strikes the target with your shield and decreases its attack and accuracy. -
DRK Blood Weapon 30 sec. Allows you to drain your target's HP with your melee attacks Abyss Cuirass +2
Duration +10 sec.
Soul Enslavement 30 sec. Melee attacks absorb target's TP. -
BST Familiar 30 min. Enhances your pet's powers and lengthens the duration of charm Monster Trousers +2
Duration +10 min., Pet: Haste +10%
Unleash 60 sec. Increases the accuracy of Charm and reduces the recast times of Sic and Ready. Pet TP increased to 300 and Sic/Ready do not consume TP. -
BRD Soul Voice 3 min. Enhances the effect of your songs Bard's Cannions +2
Duration +30 sec.
Clarion Call 3 min. Increases the number of songs that can affect party members by one. -
RNG Eagle Eye Shot N/A Delivers a powerful and accurate ranged attack Scout's Braccae +2
Damage +20%
Overkill 60 sec. Increases ranged attack speed and the chance of activating Double/Triple Shot. -
SAM Meikyo Shisui 30 sec. Lowers TP cost of weapon skills to 100 Saotome Sune-Ate +2
Weapon Skill Cost -25 TP
Yaegasumi 45 sec. Allows you to evade special attacks. Grants a weapon skill damage bonus and with the number of special attacks evaded and TP for each evaded special attack. -
NIN Mijin Gakure N/A Sacrifices your own life to deal damage to the enemy Koga Hakama +2
Damage +50%
Mikage 45 sec. Grants a bonus to number of main weapon attacks that varies with the number of remaining Utsusemi shadows and increases the Subtle Blow effect cap. -
DRG Spirit Surge 60 sec. Adds your wyvern's strength to your own Wyrm Mail +2
Duration +20 sec.
Fly High 30 sec. Decreases the recast time of jumps. -
SMN Astral Flow 3 min. Allows avatars to use their full strength. Summoner's Horn +2
Duration +30 sec.
Astral Conduit 30 sec. Reduces Blood Pact recast times to zero. -
BLU Azure Lore 30 sec. Enhances the effect of blue magic spells Mirage Bazubands +2
Duration +10 sec.
Unbridled Wisdom 60 sec. Allows certain blue magic spells to be cast. -
COR Wild Card N/A Has a random effect on all party members within area of effect. Commodore Bottes +2
Decreases likelihood of worse results.
Cutting Cards N/A Decreases the recast times of party members' special abilities. -
PUP Overdrive 60 sec. Augment the fighting ability of your automaton to its maximum level Pantin Tobe +2
Duration +20 sec.
Heady Artifice N/A Allows automatons to perform a special ability that varies with the head used. -
DNC Trance 60 sec. While in effect, lowers TP cost of dances and steps to 0 and reduces their recasts to 6 seconds Etoile Tiara +2
Duration +20 sec.
Grand Pas 30 sec. Allows flourishes to be performed without finishing moves. -
SCH Tabula Rasa 3 min. Optimizes both white and black magic capabilities, while allowing charge-free stratagem use Argute Pants +2
Duration +30 sec.
Caper Emissarius N/A Transfers all enmity from all party members to the target party member. -
GEO Bolster 3 min. Enhances the effects of your geomancy spells. -
Widened Compass 60 sec. Increases the area of effect of geomancy spells. -
RUN Elemental Sforzo 30 sec. Grants immunity to all magic attacks. -
Odyllic Subterfuge 30 sec. Greatly reduces the target's magic accuracy. -

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