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Category:Sky NM System

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Were you looking for Ru'Aun Gardens?

There are several Notorious Monsters located in the Tu'Lia region that pop conditions are related and dependent on each other. This system is often called "Sky", "Sky NM system", or "Gods" by the playerbase.

These NMs are often broken into three tiers: Gem and Stone NMs, four Shijin, and Kirin. Specific information on the Notorious Monsters can be found on their own page.

Gem and Stones

Gem Notorious Monster Spawn Conditions/Location Used to Spawn Other Drops
Gem of the North Zipacna Appears every 3 to 4 hours in Ve'Lugannon Palace and roams between E-3 to K-3 of the 1st floor and attached basements(accessible by the two most north Palace entrances on the northeast and northwest islands, G-5 and I-5). Genbu
Gem of the East Steam Cleaner Can randomly take the place of a Caretaker summon of a Detector in basements of E-8, K-8, F-6, and J-6 Ve'Lugannon Palace entrances(one entrance on each island, closest to the middle). Seiryu
Gem of the South Brigandish Blade Appears after trading a Curtana to the ??? in Ve'Lugannon Palace at H-12(accessible by both entrances located on the main island). Curtana can be found in basements of F-9 and J-9 Palace entrances, behind any cell door(accessible by the two most south entrances on the southeast and southwest islands). Suzaku
Gem of the West Despot Can appear after the defeat of a Groundskeeper located under an arch in Ru'Aun Gardens at H-9 and H-10(both walls of the hallway before the main entrance of The Shrine of Ru'Avitau) Byakko
Stone Notorious Monster Spawn Conditions/Location Used to Spawn Other Drops
Winterstone Olla Grande Appears after defeating Olla Media which appears after defeating Olla Pequena. Olla Pequena is popped by trading Ro'Maeve Water(obtained from defeating nearby Aura Pot) to the ??? in The Shrine of Ru'Avitau at I-6 on the 3rd floor(easiest accessed from the main island's right entrance at Ru'Aun Gardens I-9) Genbu
Springstone Mother Globe Timed spawn every 4-6 hours at (I-8) - (J-9) Seiryu
Summerstone Faust Timed spawn every 3-6 hours in The Shrine of Ru'Avitau at F-11 of the 3rd floor (easiest reached from the northeast island) Suzaku
Autumnstone Ullikummi Appears after trading a Diorite to the ??? in The Shrine of Ru'Avitau at F-8/9. Diorite is obtained from Aura Statues near the spawn or in the circle near The Celestial Nexus. Byakko

Heavenly Beast NMs

The Heavenly Beasts
Genbu is spawned by trading Gem of the North and Winterstone to the ??? located at J-4(Northeast island).
Genbu will drop a Seal of Genbu.
Byakko is spawned by trading Gem of the West and Autumnstone to the ??? located at E-5.
Byakko will drop a Seal of Byakko.
Seiryu is spawned by trading Gem of the East and Springstone to the ??? located at L-8.
Seiryu will drop a Seal of Seiryu.
Suzaku is spawned by trading Gem of the South and Summerstone to the ??? located at E-9.
Suzaku will drop a Seal of Suzaku.
Kirin is spawned by trading a Seal of Genbu, Seal of Seiryu, Seal of Suzaku and Seal of Byakko to the ??? located at (F-8) in the The Shrine of Ru'Avitau.
  • Kirin can summon weaker versions of the four Shijin below him. They do not drop anything from their normal item pools.

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