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Stone GUI.png Stone Spells are the Black Magic earth-based nukes. They are least damaging, but most MP efficient, in the general magic damage hierarchy. Additionally, these spells receive the highest damage boost of all the elements from adding additional INT. These spells are often useful against lightning-based enemies and tend to be ineffective against earth- or wind-based enemies.

Weakest Strongest
Stone Water Aero Fire Blizzard Thunder
Most MP Efficient Least MP Efficient

Spell Targets MP V M
Stone Single 9 10 1
Stonega AoE 37 56 1
Stone II Single 43 78 1
Stonega II AoE 109 201 1
Stone III Single 92 210 1.5
Stonega III AoE 211 434 1.5
Stone IV Single 138 381 2
Stone V Single 222 626 2.299
Stoneja AoE 299 719 2.299
Stone VI Single Information Needed Information Needed Information Needed

Enhancing Equipment

Stone spells can be enhanced with Earth day/weather bonus, Earth Staff bonus, Earth Magic Attack/Accuracy Bonus, and Earth Magic Affinity.

There are other ways to boost Day/Weather bonus that are not specific to the earth element and thus are not included here.

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