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Water GUI.png Water Spells are the Black Magic water-based nukes. They are second least damaging and second most MP efficient of the six primary elemental magic elements. These spells are often useful against fire-based enemies and tend to be ineffective against water- or lightning-based enemies.

Weakest Strongest
Stone Water Aero Fire Blizzard Thunder
Most MP Efficient Least MP Efficient

Spell Targets MP V M
Water Single 13 16 1
Waterga AoE 47 74 1
Water II Single 51 95 1
Waterga II AoE 123 232 1
Water III Single 98 236 1.5
Waterga III AoE 231 480 1.5
Water IV Single 144 410 2
Water V Single 239 680 2.299
Waterja AoE 322 782 2.299
Water VI Single Information Needed Information Needed Information Needed

Enhancing Equipment

Water spells can be enhanced with Water day/weather bonus, Water Staff bonus, Water Magic Attack Bonus, and Water Magic Affinity.

There are other ways to boost Day/Weather bonus that are not specific to the water element and thus are not included here.

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