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Category:Windurst Missions

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This is the mission list for the Federation of Windurst. Windurst Missions can be obtained from the following NPCs:

These are different from Windurst Conquest Guards, who allow you to purchase items with Conquest Points and cast Signet on you. The three Windurst Conquest Guards are:

If you ever find yourself unable to get a new mission, you can always trade stacks of crystals to one of these Conquest Guards for Rank Points until you are allowed to select the new mission.

Rank Number Mission Name Type Reward
RANK 1 1-1 The Horutoto Ruins Experiment Quest Rank Points
1-2 The Heart of the Matter Quest Rank Points
1-3 The Price of Peace Quest Rank 2
1,000 gil
RANK 2 2-1 Lost for Words Quest Rank Points
2-2 A Testing Time Repeat Rank Points
2-3 The Three Kingdoms BCNM Rank 3
Adventurer's Certificate
3,000 gil
RANK 3 3-1 To Each His Own Right Quest Rank Points
Starway Stairway bauble
3-2 Written in the Stars Repeat Rank Points
Portal charm
3-3 A New Journey Quest Rank 4
5,000 gil
RANK 4 4-1 Magicite Quest Rank 5
Airship Pass
10,000 gil
RANK 5 5-1 The Final Seal BCNM Rank Points
5-2 The Shadow Awaits BCNM Rank 6
Unlock Zilart Missions
Unlock Dynamis
20,000 gil
RANK 6 6-1 Full Moon Fountain Fight - Popped NM Rank Points
6-2 Saintly Invitation BCNM Rank 7
Ashura Necklace
40,000 gil
RANK 7 7-1 The Sixth Ministry Fight Rank Points
7-2 Awakening of the Gods Fight Rank 8
60,000 gil
RANK 8 8-1 Vain Fight Rank Points
8-2 The Jester Who'd Be King Fight - Popped NM Rank 9
80,000 gil
RANK 9 9-1 Doll of the Dead Quest Rank Points
9-2 Moon Reading BCNM Rank 10
100,000 gil
Windurstian Flag
Ability to buy Atma of the Full Moon