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Ok. So this has bothered me since RoV finished up.

EVERY expansion has an epilogue line of quests:

Expansion Epilogue Quest(s) Rewards
Rise of the Zilart Storms of Fate
Shadows of the Departed
Apocalypse Nigh
Second line of Ark Angel earrings
Chains of Promathia
Treasures of Aht Urhgan Waking the Colossus & Divine Interference
The Rider Cometh & Unwavering Resolve & A Stygian Pact
Alexander and Odin summons and gear
Wings of the Goddess Champion of the Dawn & The Dawn Also Rises
A Forbidden Reunion
Cait Sith summon and gear, Atomos summon and Lilisette Trust
Seekers of Adoulin The Ygnas Directive 1~???

(There will likely be more as Balamor said in Rhapsodies that he'll likely show up again, and the new RoE quests ended with "for now there's nothing, but come back again".)

Delegate's Cuffs and Delegate's Garb

Abyssea and the three addons don't have epilogues, but while *I* consider Abyssea a full expansion (if a small one), SE clearly doesn't. (Though I suppose that one could argue that VW is the Abyssea epilogue... but that's sort of tenuous.)
Anyways, what has always bothered me about Rhapsodies is that it ends twice.
First with Nary a Cloud in Sight as it gives Iroha's cipher and the description of the mission that immediately starts is thus:

Which is near identical to pretty much every other "placeholder" missions at the end of each expansion. (especially like with ToAU)
And then you have the final battle of final battles... Much like Apocalypse Nigh but more prolific, plotwise.
So my question is thus: Should the Missions page be unified with the other Expansions' pages (even though it's similar to Abyssea in that it's not a full/real expansion) and have missions 3-30~3-35 be moved to an Epilogue label like in the other mission pages? Or should we just leave it as is and shrug at SE giving RoV two endings? -- FaeQueenCory (talk) 12:23, 18 June 2016 (UTC)

Edited the page to make sure it was better known that you have access to both Escha - Zitah and Escha - Ru'Aun as soon as you turn in Dewdrop/Pollen. I've done this with every character I've made since RoV came out. It's bothering me that people don't know they can access these area's simply by starting RoV and they keep using this page as a reference to say that they don't have access. Lokixero (talk) 01:49, 24 July 2018 (EDT)

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