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Cavernous Maws (NPC)

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Were you looking for Cavernous Maws (Mission)?

A Cavernous Maw in the present.
A Cavernous Maw in the past.

Cavernous Maws are devices used to travel between worlds. The player must possess a Pure white feather to be able to utilize Cavernous Maws.

Shadowreign/Present-Day Maws

Each device only becomes active for the player after being used in the Shadowreign era. Unlocking all of them will allow for easy access to Shadowreign areas.



  • It is located on the higher ground which can be accessed only from going through Garlaige Citadel (S).
  • It can only be reached by going east from G-9(passed the Telepoint).

Vana'diel/Abyssea Maws

These devices are always active and allow access into and out of Abyssea areas. After a particular maw is utilized once, it may be traveled to via Abyssea Service NPCs located in cities.



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