Central Apollyon

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Central Apollyon
 Accessed From:  Dem/Mea Crag Dimensional Portal => Al'Taieu (Swirling Vortex at (D-6) and (K-6))
 Required to Access:
 Reward for Win:

Chance for one or more of the following:

Chance for:

Two of the following:

Limbus Zone Overview
  • Proto-Omega must be defeated in order to win this Limbus area.
  • Time limit is 30 minutes.
  • Chips traded become dim, and so cannot be used again. Similar to BCNM orbs.

Limbus Zone Notes
  • Omega has three forms. It will alternate between two legged and four legged forms until 25% when it goes into it's final form.
  • Two-legged form.
    • Highly resistant to magical damage.
    • Guided Missile II - Physical damage AoE. ~500 damage. Ignores shadows.
    • Hyper Pulse - Magic damage AoE and gravity. ~300 damage. Wipes shadows.
    • Stun Cannon - Magic damage AoE and paralyze. ~300 damage. Ignores shadows.
    • Floodlight - Magic damage AoE and Flash, Bind and Silence.
    • Pod Ejection - Spawns a Gunpod. Used first upon transformation into two-legged form and periodically thereafter in the final form.
      • Gunpod has about 2,000 HP.
      • Hits for about 600 damage on mages.
      • Can drop either Ancient Beastcoins, any one Apollyon chip, an AF +1 synthesis material item or an AF +1 upgrade item.
      • Gunpods can be "farmed" for items and chips by holding Proto-Omega in its final form until near the end of the time limit before defeating.
  • Four-legged form.
    • Highly resistant to physical damage.
    • Guided Missile - Physical damage AoE. ~500 damage. Absorbed by shadows.
    • Ion Efflux - Conical paralyze.
    • Target Analysis - Absorbs all stats. Absorbed by shadows.
    • Pile Pitch - Does 90% of targets health in physical damage and resets hate on target.
    • Rear Lasers - Magical AoE damage and petrification. Only used when attack it's back legs.Verification Needed
  • Final form.
    • Colossal Blow - Does 90% of targets health in physical damage and resets hate on target as well as knock-back.Verification Needed
    • Laser Shower - Conical magic damage.
Limbus Area Map
AF Upgrade Materials: Apollyon
MNK - Ancient Brass WAR - Argyro Rivet SMN - Astral Leather WHM - Benedict Yarn DRK - Black Rivet
DRG - Blue Rivet BRD - Brown Doeskin COR - Canvas Toile RDM - Cardinal Cloth RNG - Charcoal Cotton
PUP - Corduroy Cloth BLM - Diabolic Yarn NIN - Ebony Lacquer SCH - Electrum Stud BST - Fetid Lanolin
BLU - Flameshun Cloth DNC - Gold Stud SAM - Kurogane THF - Light Filament PLD - White Rivet

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