Cerane I Virgaut

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Cerane I Virgaut.jpg
Location: Southern San d'Oria (S) - (B-6)
Type: Shadowreign NPCs
Description: Army of San d'Oria Provincial Knight General of the Aragoneu Knights.

Combat Observations


  • In Combat: "Ha hah! Your arrows cannot pierce the iron will of a true knight!"
  • Out Of Combat Dialogue: "It is often in times of strife that a man's true nature is revealed. Will you stand tall in the face of fear, or run and cower in the wake of your mother's dress?"

Additional Information

  • In Game Description: "Ah, Lady Virgaut of the Knights of Aragoneu. Let not her pulchritudinous visage fool you, for she is perhaps one of the finest generals in the kingdom. Her scouts' ability to gather intelligence on the enemy, combined with her ability to apply that knowledge to constructing precise battle tactics, is known across Vana'diel."

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