Charis Attire Set +2

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Charis Attire Set +2

Charis Attire Set +2
(Dancer only)
Level 85
Charis Tiara +2
DEF:32 Accuracy+8 Attack+8
"Store TP"+7 Haste+6%
Enhances "Climactic Flourish" effect
Level 89
Charis Casaque +2
DEF:61 DEX+12 CHR+12
"Subtle Blow"+10
Enhances "Dual Wield" effect
Enhances "Striking Flourish" effect
Level 87
Charis Bangles +2
DEF:25 DEX+9 AGI+9 Accuracy+8
Enhances "Skillchain Bonus" effect
Enhances "Reverse Flourish" effect
Level 83
Charis Tights +2
DEF:45 Evasion+15
Dagger skill +5 Haste+5%
Enhances "Tactical Parry" effect
Level 81
Charis Toeshoes +2
DEF:21 DEX+8 CHR+8
"Store TP"+8 Haste+4%
Enhances "Feather Step" effect
Set:Augments "Samba"


  • The Augments "Samba" effect causes attacks to do double damage sometimes when a Samba is active. The number of +2 items increases the chances of this occurring.
    • Probability is approximately: 2 Pieces - 1%, 3 Pieces - 2%, 4 Pieces - 3%, 5 Pieces - 5%


DNC Set bonus (Kalisa and Byrth, BG)

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