Children of the Rune

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Children of the Rune
Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Octavien, Eastern Adoulin (I-8)
Pack Seekers of Adoulin
Title Runic Engraver
Repeatable No
Description Years of excruciating training and long hours of study await those who desire to master the runic arts. One may circumvent this laborious process, however, by engraving runes upon his body with ink from a Yahse wildflower petal.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None Endeavoring to Awaken
(Trial) Rune Fencing the Night Away


  • Speak with Octavien at (I-8), accessed via the stairs.
  • Obtain a Yahse wildflower petal from Yahse Hunting Grounds at (K-7) by examining the Yalse Wildflower.
  • Speak with Octavien again and attempt to "Use Rune Enhancement."
    • The amount of attempts required can be from anywhere between 1 and 100, but it does not appear that you can fail.
      • Every 10th failure, he will remark on your progress:
      • 10th fail: "I sense an ominous force interfering with your progress... Could it be the <your current job> within you?!"
      • 20th fail: "Your 20th attempt and we're still no closer than before? Perhaps 'tis I who needs to train more, so I don't accidentally give the talentless dreams they can never accomplish."
      • 30th fail: "I was under the impression that you were an adventurer renowned throughout the Middle Lands. Apparently that appellation amounts to little more than kindling for the fires of one's boasting."
      • 40th fail: "...My condolences, sir/madame."
      • 50th fail: "Why don't you quit while you still have your health? Many people would commit atrocities for a body as hale and hearty as yours."
      • 60th fail: "Let me say this one thing: you may think you're special, but you're just as special as everyone else...that is to say, not at all."
      • 70th fail: "I lost hope for you long ago, but this is already your 70th time. Any further attempts would be a waste of time for us both."
      • 80th fail: "Zzz..."
      • 90th fail: "I've had enough of your incompetence! Let me spell this out loud and clear: y-o-u c-a-n-n-o-t u-s-e r-u-n-e-s!"
  • When you succeed, you will be rewarded with access to the Rune Fencer job and a Sowilo Claymore!

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