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The Chocobo Circuit is the venue for “Adventurer Races,” which allow players to pit their chocobos against each other in action-packed competition.
In addition, apart from breeders eager to get their birds on the track, the circuit can also be enjoyed by spectators wishing to make some fast gil.

The introduction of chocobets allows any visitor to the circuit the opportunity to place a gil wager on the chocobos of his or her choice.
Player vs. player racing and chocobetting are the two core features of the Chocobo Circuit, and make a visit to the racetrack an enjoyable day out for any resident of Vana’diel!


  • Entry to the Chocobo Circuit requires registration and installation of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion pack.
  • Chocobo Circuit warps cannot be used as a means to travel from nation to nation. Exiting the racetrack will return the player to his or her point of entry.
  • All bazaars on Chocobo Circuit premises will incur a 10% tax.
  • Chocobo Circuit maps are available free of charge at the General Information counter.
  • For information about raising a chocobo check out our Chocobo Raising section.
  • For more information about racing chocobo's check out our Chocobo Racing section.

Records of Eminence

  • To complete the Records of Eminence "Chocobo Races (M)" objective. Enter the Circuit from any nation, step on the portal, and follow the carpet to the NPC at the gate. Speak to them to enter the stands, and then wait for the race to start.
Chocobo Circuit header.jpg
Map of Chocobo Circuit

This Zone is Connected to

Zone Name


Aht Urhgan Whitegate G-6
Bastok Mines J-9
Port Jeuno J-8

Zone Name


Southern San d'Oria H-11
Windurst Woods K-13

Maps for Chocobo Circuit


Name Map Pos. Notes
Amaduralle 1 (G-8)
Azainnie 1 (G-11)
Boirie 1 (F-9)
Cadwyn 1 (H-7)
Channon 1 (G-10)
Chaquoillons 1 (I-8)
Cordaurie 1 (J-9)
Couzanne 1 (F-11)
Curtis 1 (I-10)
Cyphaireau 1 (G-9)
Daipanne 1 (F-8)
Delaulne 1 (F-10)
Faboise 1 (I-9)
Failene 1 (H-7)
Fhaht Beablrucch 1 (H-7)
Fina 1 (G-10)
Flige 1 (G-11)
Foulneporde 1 (J-8)
Gadimo 1 (G-8)
Gerlbotz 1 (G-9)
Giancario 1 (J-8)
Gozben 1 (I-8)
Guillaulmilian 1 (G-8)
Gustavo 1 (I-10)
Ilsoire 1 (H-7)
Jadamo 1 (G-11)
Jaicedion 1 (G-11)
Joilevin 1 (H-8)
Jolande 1 (H-8)
Karsten 1 (H-8)
Khatri 1 (H-9)
Laujaquetemps 1 (H-7)
Name Map Pos. Notes
Lengussant 1 (J-9)
Linus 1 (I-9)
Lisette 1 (H-8)
Luca 1 (H-9)
Magali 1 (H-8)
Maleroune 1 (G-9)
Manfred 1 (I-10)
Mazine 1 (H-8)
Mediverchanne 1 (I-10)
Mercedes 1 (G-10)
Michaela 1 (H-10)
Mulaitrand 1 (F-8)
Odersille 1 (H-11)
Olega 1 (I-9)
Olorinda 1 (F-11)
Ove 1 (H-8)
Palson 1 (G-10)
Perdric 1 (F-11)
Piana 1 (G-8)
Pollante 1 (H-7)
Pretervout 1 (J-8)
Raquel 1 (H-8)
Reinwald 1 (I-10)
Rhap Talashpehn 1 (G-9)
Rodrigo 1 (H-8)
Roman 1 (F-9)
Russel 1 (J-10)
Saffaullette 1 (J-9)
Sudha Rhilimanyme 1 (I-8)
Timothy 1 (H-8)
Uhko Rolinzoh 1 (F-11)
Urbano 1 (H-11)
Vaihilique 1 (G-10)
Valerio 1 (H-8)

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