Chocobo Panic

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Chocobo Panic
Required Fame Abyssea Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Kuoh Rhel, Abyssea - Grauberg
Pack Abyssea
Title None
Repeatable Yes
Description Kuoh Rhel's pack chocobo refuses to eat anything she feeds it, and grows more sickly by the day. Is there nothing under this accursed red sky that would entice the creature?
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
Grauberg Greens

Woozyshroom x10

indigo abyssite of confluence (with Woozyshrooms) or 200-400 Cruor (repeats, first time with Grauberg Greens), chance of Orison Seal: Hands, Raider's Seal: Hands, Bale Seal: Hands, or Aoidos' Seal: Hands.


  • Speak to Kuoh Rehl in Abyssea - Grauberg in the eastern part of (G-7) (east of Conflux 5) to begin the quest.
  • To obtain Cruor and possibly seals (repeatable):
    • Obtain Grauberg Greens (via harvesting in Abyssea - Grauberg or on the Auction House), and trade it to the Chocobo next to Kuoh Rehl.
  • To obtain indigo abyssite of confluence (non-repeatable):
    • Trade a Woozyshroom to the Chocobo next to Kuoh Rehl. Kuoh Rehl will comment that the chocobo will not eat anything else now until it's satisfied.
    • Trade the Chocobo 9 more Woozyshrooms, one at a time, to complete the quest and receive the indigo abyssite of confluence.
    • Kuoh Rhel will then inform you that she will not allow you to feed the chocobo any more Woozyshrooms.

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