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Location: Selbina - (H-9)
Type: Shopkeepers
Description: One of many Vana'diel shopkeepers, carrying a variety of items. Browse merchandise below:

Item Name

Price (gil)


Stone II (Scroll) 5,878
Water II (Scroll) 8,280
Aero II (Scroll) 12,236
Fire II (Scroll) 16,928
Blizzard II (Scroll) 22,356
Thunder II (Scroll) 28,520
Stonega (Scroll) 1,191
Waterga (Scroll) 2,143
Aeroga (Scroll) 4,239
Firaga (Scroll) 7,181
Blizzaga (Scroll) 10,948
Thundaga (Scroll) 15,456
Poison II (Scroll) 23,184
Bio II (Scroll) 12,880
Poisonga (Scroll) 4,747
Shock Spikes (Scroll) 8,280

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