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Cipher- Luzaf icon.png Cipher of Luzaf's alter ego
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Description: A scroll inscribed with strange symbols that seal away the puissance of an Elvaan named Luzaf. Chanting the enigmatic script summons his alter ego to the bearer's side.
Image: Cipher- Luzaf description.png
Type: Item
Flags: Not vendorable, Not sendable, Exclusive, Rare
Stack size: 1
"Find Cipher: Luzaf on FFXIAH" "Find Cipher: Luzaf on FFXIDB"
Luzaf trust.jpg

Quick Draw, Triple Shot

Weapon Skills

Grisly Horizon Dark SC Icon.png/Distortion SC Icon.png, Akimbo Shot Compression SC Icon.png, Bisection Scission SC Icon.png/Detonation SC Icon.png, Leaden Salute

Special Features

Does not use Phantom Roll.
Dual wields and shoots, leading to high rate of TP gain.
Uses Quick Draw to deal damage based on the enemy's elemental weakness(s).
Holds TP waiting for the player to reach 1000%+ and then weapon skills in order to open a skillchain.
Prefers to open skillchains for his player but will close skillchains opened by another party member or trust.
Selects one of his weapon skills randomly upon summoning and uses it exclusively unless attempting to close a skillchain.

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