Cipher: Abenzio

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Cipher- Abenzio icon.png Cipher of Abenzio's alter ego
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Description: A scroll inscribed with strange symbols that seal away the puissance of a goobbue named Abenzio. Chanting the enigmatic script summons his alter ego to the bearer's side.
Image: Cipher- Abenzio description.png
Type: Item
Flags: Not vendorable, Not sendable, Exclusive, Rare
Stack size: 1
"Find Cipher: Abenzio on FFXIAH" "Find Cipher: Abenzio on FFXIDB"
Abenzio Trust.jpg

Double Attack, Triple Attack

Weapon Skills

Blank Gaze (Conal paralysis), Antiphase (AoE silence), Uppercut, Blow

Special Features

Abenzio's job appears to be WAR/THF but does not appear to have Treasure Hunter
Possesses Job Traits but no Job Abilities
As a Plantoid, he is subject to Plantoid Killer.
Summoning, Dismiss and death text can only be understood if summoner is wearing (or lockstyled) mandragora costume gear (Mandragora Suit and Mansque, etc).

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