Civil Registrar

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Civil Registrar.jpg
Location: Western Adoulin - (E-8)
Western Adoulin - (G-7)
Western Adoulin - (G-10)
Western Adoulin - (J-10)
Eastern Adoulin - (F-7)
Eastern Adoulin - (F-9)
Type: Information NPC
Description: Coalition employee.

Offers information regarding the particular Coalition they are stationed in. Each of the six Colonization Coalitions includes one registrar.
They provide the following information:

  • The role of the particular Coalition.
  • The Coaltion's current standing.
  • The types of assignments offered.
  • Expansion plans for edification rank and its effects.
  • Which of the edification expansion plans is currently winning in referendum voting.
  • Your personal rank within the particular Coalition.

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