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Commissions Agency

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Our friendly Commissions Agency staff is standing by to help you help the Empire.

Located in Aht Urhgan Whitegate at (K-9) thorugh (L-10).

Location of all pertinent agencies for Assault in Whitegate
The Commissions Agency is in charge of issuing the Imperial Army I.D. Tags to all Mercenaries participating in mission runs.


The officer in charge is Rytaal, he stands at the counter directly opposite of the entrance.

  • You may only redeem one tag at a time. Please complete a mission and return to Rytaal before attempting to redeem another tag.
  • If Rytaal is holding less than 3 tags in reserve, the Empire will issue a new ID tag every 24 hours (Earth Time) after the first tag was redeemed.
  • You are able to hold 1 tag and at the same time allow Rytaal to store up your maximum number of tags. Essentially allowing you to store 1 extra tag.

When you have a Imperial Army I.D. Tag, you may sign up for a mission by talking to the NPCs at the desks in the lower area of the agency, who will offer you missions based on your Assault Rank. Select a mission and you will receive Assault Orders in exchange for the tag. Assault Orders will permit you to enter the assault, and will also allow you to use the Runic Portal to travel to your assault destination without a Runic Portal Permit.

Assault Missions

The following is a listing of all NPCs located within the Commmissions Agency and their functions

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Name Map Pos. Notes
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Name Map Pos. Notes