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Contaminated Colosseum

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Horlais Peak header.jpg
Battlefield Information
Location: Horlais Peak Level Restriction: None
Entry Item: Atropos Orb icon.png Atropos Orb Participation: 6 Members
Entry Currency: Kindred's Seal icon.png 30 Kindred's Seal Time Limit: 30 Minutes


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Evil Oscar 1 Plantoids Warrior Uses an enhanced version of Impale that inflicts Bind.

Melee attacks have Additional effect: Weight.

KSNM Strategy

  • Evil Oscar is a Morbol who uses Extremely Bad Breath which causes instant death.
    • AoE attack with a range of approximately 10'.
  • The chat log will display the message "Evil Oscar begins filling his lungs with the foul air around him..."; once this message has been displayed for the third time. Evil Oscar will immediately start to ready Extremely Bad Breath if its target is within range. If its target is not within range, it will wait until it is before readying the attack.
  • The time between warnings for Extremely Bad Breath shorten as the fight progresses.
  • You may outrun Extremely Bad Breath before it occurs, as it has a long readying time. However, even if its target runs out of range, it can still hit others.

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