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Copy Image.png Provides a number of "shadow images" that varies with the technique being used. Each shadow absorbs one melee attack or single-target spell. Evading or parrying does not consume a shadow.

Shadow Absorption

Attacks will be absorbed by one or multiple shadows, exceptions to this are AoE magic moves which remove all current shadows and breath damage moves which do damage but do not remove shadows and instead ignore them, as explained below.

  • A shadow is depleted from an auto attack, if a mob has multiple attacks or adds, those attacks also will consume a shadow.
  • Physical TP moves with one hit and single target spells will be absorbed by 1 shadow.
  • Multiple hit physical TP moves will absorb one shadow for each hit, if the number of hits is greater than the number of remaining shadows, after shadows are depleted damage is done for the remaining hits.
  • AoE Physical TP moves will take multiple shadows, but also are absorbed, typically this is 2-3 shadows.
    • Any remaining multiple or AoE physical attacks that consume shadows, but are not fully absorbed are received as damage for that hit.
  • AoE magic is the only type of monster move that clears all utsusemi shadows, it also applies damage if applicable.
  • Breath moves ignore shadows, but do not remove them, and you take full damage.
  • On hit effects from enspells, or tp moves, or aoe tp moves if you have enough shadows, will never take place. Example: Endispel from Glazemane will not dispel utsusemi on hit, but instead one shadow will be absorbed.
  • Blink has a 50% chance to not absorb damage/enfeeble spells, but otherwise works the same way as Utsusemi.


  • Higher levels of Utsusemi can overwrite lower versions, but lower versions can not overwrite higher versions and you must cancel it first.

Enmity Bonus

When Yonin is active, all three tiers of Utsusemi spells generate 160 CE/ 480 VE. Without Yonin the enmity granted is roughly 0 CE / 160 VE.

Applied Through

Enhanced Via

The following items enhance the effect of Copy Image by granting an extra image when worn while the effect is being applied:

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